• Of course it is

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  • Of course it is

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  • Yes I believe its real

    I don't know how or why this has happened but it did. There are so many records of it happening and it isn't recent it has been happening for years. Scientists believe that its real they don't know how or why but are on their way to finding this out.

  • Yes, there are many reported cases.

    Based on history and the fact that there are over 300 reported cases of spontaneous human combustion, I do believe it is real. I am sure that it is an ultra rare phenomena and conditions have to be just right for human spontaneous combustion to happen. Scientifically, it is possible.

  • Yes. Human combustion is real.

    Human combustion has been reported through out the ages and discussed for several centuries. The first reports of human combustion come from the late 1500's where current medical science tried to explain the presence of ashes in several strange locations. Although science has not been able to conclusively prove the underlying actions or outcomes of SHC, the fact that there are numerous reports of its existence is enough to prove that something is happening.

  • No, nobody will ever explode.

    In the history of mankind, I have never heard of a man or woman randomly exploding. Maybe someone's liver or other organ could explode, but there has been nothing in the likes of the entire body combusting. Even if a person held in their gas for years, they would not explode. I do not even know where this idea came from.

  • Of Course It Isn't

    Have you ever seen or heard on anyone just exploding? The answer is no. Spontaneous combustion is not real and is something you only see on tv. It is basically impossible and nobody has come up with a valid reason as to why it could or would happen to someone.

  • How can someone explode out of nowhere?

    If that was real, it would cause massive paranoia, because any person could catch fire at any point in time. But, you could likely get set on well, spontaneously combust if you are near or consuming any flammable substances, but just exploding for no rhyme or reason is obviously unrealistic.

  • Never Been Witnessed

    If it is true why has it never been witnessed by anyone. The scientists cant find a reason for it, in most occassions there seems to be a smoker involved. Even flammable sunstances have an ignition temperature and it is way higher then body temperature so I just cant see how it would happen.

  • Alcohol the Cause?

    Although there were many cases, there were also many of those cases that was reported to have alcohol in their system. And the body would have to be burning for quite a long time in order for the bones to be also reduced to ashes. Honestly, it just seems too good to be true in my opinion

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Anonymous says2013-04-09T07:22:25.303
Spontaneous combustion in humans has been authoritatively identified as an external source causing ignition and calorific value of the person providing fuel for combustion. (Scientifically called wicking and involving release of fats as combustible material) Combustion is not fierce, but steady with heat causing body fat to provide a continuing source of fuel to flames; heat destroys body including bones. But not always complete body, low temperature combustion is further identified by presence of greasy smuts and deposits on walls ceilings and floor. What is inexplicable however it the sometimes complete absence of any external source of ignition like cigarette buts etc or incomplete consuming of body by fire.