• High risk High reward.

    Thats what sports teach you. If you survive a round of football you get a thousand dollars, although if you don't survive you lose millions of dollars in the hospital and cant play again. Sports are the center of bullies as well. If they play the football they get all strong and beefy and get all cocky about everything. They think they can do anything because if anyone does anything to that person, that person can just punch the other guy out.

  • Sport has led to the commercialization of education

    There's something that colleges all across America know for sure: A title win, especially in football or basketball, brings in alumni donations like nothing else. The pressure to win is enormous, and that includes selecting the right candidates for the team, placing priority on team sports over actual academics. A good team is essentially a money making machine for a university.

  • Sports Are Not a Bad Influence on Education

    No, sports are not a bad influence on education as sports teach valuable life skills such as teamwork and the value of trying your hardest. Teamwork is a skill that is used in every walk of life, and the value of hard work is used everywhere as well. Therefore, sports are not a bad influence on education.

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