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  • Science is far better than sports.

    Sports is just about the human body and its capabilities. Science encompasses far more than that - biology, chemistry, physics, advanced math, oceanography, geology, astronomy, you name it. Sports, whether you play it or watch it, provides only entertainment and nothing else. Science will advance the humanity and exploits the properties of what the Universe contains for our benefit, and as well as giving back the benefits to nature. The Universe is an extremely vast space with plenty of knowledge waiting to be discovered. And don't forget that only 5% of Earth's oceans have ever been explored.

    Yes, I agree that playing sports is fun. But we have only one limited-time life and it's not about having fun, but to serve the community.

  • No, one is not better than the other.

    Sport is sport and science is science. One speaks more to the body and the other more to the brain. Both are necessary in a sense for a person to be well balanced. It is sad that we pay sports figures so much more money than those who toil in our labs and in our universities because these people are certainly not better for society.

  • Science Provides Answers

    I do not believe sports and science are good topics to compare, however, if I must chose one, I would say science is better. Since sports are physical activities, they bear a healthy balance in anyones life, and most definitely should not be left out. However, science has provided the human race with answers to many thought provoking questions.

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