• Sport is overrated

    All AFL is for the cats is dangerfild getting the hard ball and feeds it out to Selwood who is soft and ducks 15 times a game! It is a discrase he can just get away with that. All though the cats do only win because of there extra teammates in the green (umpires)

  • Keep things in perspective.

    We take professional sports way too seriously in this country. Way too many people let it ruin their day if they're professional team does not come through. This is not life or death. There are a lot more important things to be concerned with on a day-to-day basis. Sports should be an escape not a lifestyle.

  • Sport is necessary, but it is overvalued

    The majority of people I am aware of, have played sports, including myself. However, few can reference where sports taught them a life-lesson. In that regard, sport as teacher is over-valued. The statement that sports provide exercise is true, but the statement there, is exercise is valuable. Saying it the other way around, overvalues sport as exercise. It's a different form of exercise - no better, no worse - depending on the situation. The largest value people associate with sport is related to watching sports (Olympics, World Cup, etc.) - not playing sports. Watching sport, when you aren't playing that sport, is entertainment. Placing value on entertainment, not on sport. For those reasons, sport is overvalued.

  • It is stupid

    Waste of Valuable Resources It's cool that people can get paid to do what they love, but do they(professional/college players and coaches) really need that much pay for a game?
    It is very boring No body astually likes sport as people can get bullied and teased and even worse things and it causes pollution to us and that isnt good is it?

  • Sport is overrated!

    ~Talent and achievement- getting into professional sport is not an easy option and so very few of young kids get to live their dream of being in the AFL, NETBALL, RUGBY etc.

    ~Politics/economy- In most sports athletes don’t have that good of an idea about politics because they play games for a living and they don’t have many major skills to get them into other jobs such as accounting or working in an office.
    Playing a sport wastes time to do homework and other things that you may enjoy, and sometimes just need to clear your head.

    ~Obsessive fans- most sports can become very heated between different teams seeing obsessive fans fight and cause trouble about it, that could lead to a bad reputation for the teams.

    ~ Gender gap- even though this gender gap is getting smaller and smaller the male players get paid a lot more than the females do and most viewers still mainly watch the male players, I think its very sexist as females do the same amount of training and put a lot of dedication into the sport they currently play but earn half of the amount of what male athletes earn.

  • Numerous reasons ofcourse

    1) While people spend money to watch sport whether at a stadium or at home on the TV they will be spending hour after hour being lazy just to watch someone else be active
    2) The pay sports players get is phenomenal compared to actual hard working citizens who just want to survive
    3) Can teach bad habbits e.g. Nick Kyrgios, Andy Murray, Stephen Lee
    4) Only a minor percentage can achieve sport at a good level
    5) It makes people naive in terms of real life e.g. politics, economics, finances....The issues that matter

  • Sports is overratted

    - Pay – sports people are massively overpaid – the highest paid NBA coach is paid $11 million per year. That’s not to mention the extra money he would earn through royalties and advertising etc. Floyd Mayweather profession boxer earns $85 million per year.
    - It is not a career that will last
    - People take it too far – e.g. soccer in Europe, obsessive fans -> people who take it too seriously (the banana incident), Parents who put lots of pressure on their children to succeed – “Dance Moms”
    - Sore losers – children watching players like Nick Kyrios are not being shown how to behave and be modest in victory and respectful in defeat.
    - Sports reinforces the gender gap – most separate boys from girls and in doing so reinforce the idea that girls are weaker and can’t compete on the same level as boys.

  • It is very boring

    No body astually likes sport as people can get bullied and teased and even worse things and it causes pollution to us and that isnt good is it? And if you want more proof, go to a school as people get bullied of teased or worse!! Safaant wynwbb wbyhwywywy wbhywywy

  • YES, Sports Takes Away The Time Needed For Learning Valuable Skills

    The percentage of people that train from elementary school through high school and on to college and then MAKE IT to a paying career is VERY SMALL. Most students that pursue a career in sports, and then do NOT make it are likely to be LOW SKILLED employees. The college degree is just a sheep skin. At the same time they probably perpetuate the DREAM CAREER IN SPORTS by instilling the same career path in their children.

  • Many not physically equipped for sustained competition

    Many are born with conditions that at some point will limit their physical activities. Asthma can overstress the heart, and in extreme cases result in death. Sickle-cell anemia can be so painful sufferers must be hospitalized. Some just don't possess the stamina or physical strength for it. Bullying to 'toughen up' is just that, unjustifiable bullying.

    There are many more enjoyable activities in life than strutting on a playing field and expecting to be admired and worshiped.

  • Brisbane Lions suck.

    The only good player that Brisbane lions HAD was Dane Beams and he decided he has had enough of losing so he decided to go to his old club so he can at least win some games of the season. And Selwood is the toughest player in the AFL and is the most courages player ever. So be quite walker

  • Sport is good fam

    If you get really good at it like Patrick Dangerfiend is good at footy you can get paid heaps of money and be well known around the world for being a gun like Joel Selwood. Geelong Cats are the best team in the AFL and we will definitely win the premiership in 2018😼

  • Sport es very very nice and good

    Speort help da mind and bodey to grow a learning experience to bring some people to geather eh am i not wrong right right you must agre wt me do you not it also give excerzize to make boy storng and into man its wonderful thank yu for lisening to argumint

  • Sport is not overrated because it is good for you

    Sport helps keep some people healthy and fit. It brings people together and creates joy and excitement. Many disagree with this statement but exercise creates hormones that make people happy. Some people think learning is more important, but exercise refreshes the body and keeps it healthy which could be a bonus FOR learning.

  • Sport is not overrated because it is good for you.

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  • No It Really Isnt

    1.Sport can help children that are going throw though times releasing negative energy
    2.Sport isn't for just certain people that is what the Paralympics is for right?
    3.Every culture has there own very special sport for example Brazil is volley ball or soccer both not created by the Brazilian but its what bring a nation together thanks for reading (:

  • Sport is Great!!!

    Imagine if sport didn't exist???? SPort brings us together to watch the greatest players and games of all time, I remember waking up at 2 in the morning to watch the football grandfinal live, Germany won! What a game, sport gives us something to cheer for something to do, WE NEED SPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sport is not overrated

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