• We need stabilization

    As the world's needs grows, the impact of such needs on the ecosystem grows as well. It would be best for the populations to adapt its needs to lessen the strain on the ecosystem than to force it to grow and maintain the hunger that it has for its resources.

  • Stabilization creates a constant ecosystem.

    I believe that stabilization is important because it is easier to manage and has less risk than growth. When there is a lot of growth, I fear that it could be followed by a large downfall. By striving for stabilization, we can assure that we will continue to help the ecosystem and not hurt it.

  • I Say Stabilization

    I believe stabilization is probably more important to the ecosystem, rather than growth. I believe it would be difficult for humans to force growth concerning the ecosystem, especially since we don't have a lot of areas stabilized. I thinks stabilization is a goal that could be reached, if we tried.

  • Yes, stabilization is more important for our ecosystem.

    I definitely think that stabilization is more important for our ecosystem. I think that there has to be a point where the progress of people into the natural environment has to stablize and be able to balance with our ecosystem. If it doesn't, then we can face some issues and problems.

  • No: Growth is More Important for the Ecosystem

    Stabilization, in the sense that the ecosystem is not being exploited to the brink of collapse, is extremely important. If we are to interpret the question, however as to meaning, should the ecosystem be allowed to remain in it's current form, or should it be allowed to expand or grow, then growth is more important. The ecosystem has been cut back to such an extent, that it needs room to grow and thrive.

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