Is stand your ground a reasonable law (yes) or does it need some tweaking (no)?

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  • Law gives power to the citizen.

    As a law abiding citizen the stand your ground doctrine gives me the right to stand up against the anti social criminal element. This law removes the legal requirement that I must retreat from a threat. While it is still reasonable to have the option to retreat, these laws no longer make retreat the first course of reasonable action. And for the criminal, W C Fields said it best..."Never give a sucker an even break"

  • Definitely terrible as they stand.

    There are many reasons "Stand your Ground" laws promote violence and vigilantism.

    (1) They require a law enforcement official to PROVE the person did not act in self defense, an impossible extension of the innocent-until-proven-guilty standard when the other fellow happens to be dead. All the person has to do is CLAIM the other was threatening his life.

    (2) Since they protect shooters from civil repercussions, a victim's family has no recourse if the law fails them.

    (3) A majority of the victims of these shootings have been found to be UNARMED. The Orlando Sentinel investigated the 13 most recent Florida "stand your ground" deaths- 12 of the victims had been unarmed.

    (4) Both law enforcement and civilians do not entirely understand these laws, thus inhibiting both vital forensic investigation at the scene and belief that these rights go farther than they do.

    (5) They codify not only vigilantism but profiling- allowing people to magnify the danger posed by "suspicious" individuals.

    (6) They reinforce both brutality in our culture and paranoia- giving people the false belief that it is fine to resort to deadly force if they just FEEL threatened.

    Essentially "Stand your Ground" laws are a license to kill. It's brutal, uncivilized, and doesn't belong in the American justice system.

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