Is standardized testing a fair way to judge how well schools educate their students?

  • I agree that standardized testing is fair, because it is the only way of knowing what students are learning.

    I believe that standardized testing is the best way of knowing if students across the country are learning what is being taught to them, and how they are being taught. If, everywhere else, students are achieving at a certain level, and in one area they are not performing as well as the others, then it allows us to look at what needs to be corrected in that area.

    Posted by: ender31444
  • testing is good

    testing is good because it helps you learn and other kids in the whole world cant have what we have . im a kid myself and its coming from my mouth and no one else is telling me to write this testing helps me learn and get ready for my life and future if your kids get a f that means they did not study or even do their homework

  • Standardized testing may not be fair

    but it is certainly the most fair way of judging how well schools educate their students that we have. To judge one school against another, we obviously must have an objective standard. To have that objective standard, we must make a test to test it.

  • Yes, because standardized testing ensures students meet a certain minimum of education.

    Standardized testing can work as a metric, if used properly. By that, standardized testing should be used to make sure students can reach a bare minimum of essentials, such as being able to read and do math. Yes, testing does not mean students will learn things, such as creativity and innovation, but those two things don't matter if the students can't even read or write.

    Posted by: TickoNest
  • Standardized testing is a fair way to judge how well schools educate their students, because it is the only way to judge.

    Standardized testing is a fair way to judge how well schools educate their students, because it is the only way to judge. A student's ability to read should not be judged according to geographical location, race, or national origin. In judging a student's ability to read, reading comprehension is the only factor to judge. That implies standardized tests.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • I think every school should test the students to see how well the teachers are teaching.

    The only way to really evaluate the teaching ability of the teachers is to test the students. You can have a person sit in a class all day long to critique a teacher but it is useless if a child is not learning. So in my opinion critiquing is a waste of time. Standardized testing in my opinion is the only way to really see how well teachers are performing. If a teacher is not performing well it will see in the performance of the grades. If children have poor grades on the test then the teacher will need further evaluation and will probably need to have some sort of further education. And if the teacher refuses to complete any form of further education or does not improve her position then she needs to be let go and possibly lose her teaching certificate.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • No, there are many other factors that should measure intelligence as well.

    While standardized testing measures knowledge, it should not be the sole determination of a school's performance. There are many reasons that a child may not do well on the standardized test such as: they are not a good test-taker, the tests are too long, boring, and tedious, or the child does not understand the importance. There are several different types of intelligence, and many different types of people. There should be at least three different types of measurements of a school's performance which take these factors into account.

    Posted by: I3nKai
  • Doctors have to pass their exams, lawyers the bar. Why not to test if kids can read?

    We require medical students to pass their medical exams before we allow them to practice medicine. We require lawyers to pass the bar exam before they can practice law. Engineers must pass the professional engineering exam before they can consult and certify designs. We require many adults to demonstrate proficiency through testing, from network management certifications for IT support staff to teachers having to prove that they know the material they must teach to students. How is it then wrong to require standardized testing for children to prove that they have learned what they need to learn? The answer is: we use standardized testing because it is the simplest and fairest way to verify someone knows what they need to know.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Only through standardized testing can we measure how areas and regions are teaching and learning in relation to others.

    As a nation, we need to fundamentally have a means to measure the skill levels of our students. Subsequently, this also measures how well our teachings are educating their pupils. Standardized testing, while it may seem to be unfair, gives us an indication as to which regions are showing lackluster performance. The reason why is still unanswered, but it does point us in the right direction. From these results, we can then query whether there is a funding problem, a behavioral or cultural discrepancy, or an otherwise eluded indication that any particular school district is in trouble.

    Posted by: Asher Cummings
  • Standardized testing is a fair way to judge how well schools educated their students because it is a baseline for everyone to judge against.

    Standardized testing creates a baseline that can be used to test students at all different levels. The tests provide a level of education that should be reached for each group of students. It can show how different parts of the country or states are living up to these standards. It can help gauge how eductors are doing in different areas and can try to create an equal level of education for everyone.

    Posted by: EImerN4th
  • Look no further than the parents!

    Standardized testing may be unfair, but it's the parents who are failing their children.

    Based on the way many of you write, your children likely receive poor stimulation in terms of English language use, and that's a big part of the problem.

    Many parents of poor performing students write in threads like this one to complain that the system somehow fails their children, when the poor language and writing skills they display make clear that THE PARENTS, themselves, are failing their children.

    Home stimulation is a big difference-maker folks! Uneducated parents who fail to improve will likely rear children who do he same.

  • No, it is a poor way to judge.

    As a student, I have struggled with test taking for most of my years. I get severe anxiety and even though I might truly know the material, come time for the test I blank out. My gpa is 3.6 and I do very well in school but when it comes to tests, that is my weak point. A lot of other students feel the same way and it is a poor way to test whether students are knowledgeable of certain subjects.

  • It's not a fair test

    Not every school teaches at the same rate. In my school we are a year behind in curriculum and other kids my age that I have talked to that are from other schools agree because their education curriculum is much further ahead. I don't think it's fair that New York state is also the only state that still has regents.

  • Testing is unfair, poor evaluation tool, and too stressful.

    The standardaized test scores are about a performance for one day, and the performance could be hampered due to stress, uncomfortable, testing site, and even just not feeling well. Also, being a mother of an autistic son, I don't believe it is fair. My son, in 4th grade, can do 7th grade science, geography, and higher level math but he will probably get a novice simply because he can't the paraphrasing on some questions. The test itself is stressful for students, teachers, and the school system. Teachers and schools are being scrutinized over tests scores when the testing isn't fair. For the test to be fair enough to compare schools then testing conditions need to be the same as well as it needs to have the same level of students and the same number. Knowledge can be charted through the year and the students growth and true achievement can be seen.

  • Standardized testing is not a good measure of knowledge.

    According to standardized tests student's knowledge is based on two subjects, math and reading. You cannot determine a students knowledge with just one and a half subjects. First of all reading is just one half of the subject what about writing? Sure there are the extended response questions but do they accurately measure a students writing abilities? No. Why aren't students tested on music. Art, science and history? Most standardized tests are made up of hundreds of bubbles on a scantron sheet. The multiple choice answers encourage students to use shallow thinking skills such as eliminate all of the wrong answers. Standardized tests do not test a valuable skills like working in a group or with technology they do not measure a students artistic or musical abilities. This in turn leads schools to set aside more money for subjects that are tested and take away money from important subjects such as music and art. Standardized tests measure a students ability to memorize information rather than understand it. Instead of teaching a wide range of information or skills teachers have narrowed the curriculum to focus just on the required tested information.

  • They don't accurately measure knowledge

    In 2007 a national study was conducted by the Center on Education Policy, showing 44% of schools had shortened the amount of time spent on arts, science and social studies to focus more on reading and math by 145 minutes a week since 2001.
    In 2007 a survey proved of those reducing the amount of time on current events 75% cite the reason is standardized tests.
    Teachers aren’t teaching students the education they need and deserve about the current world when they have to worry about test scores.
    Since 2002 when No Child Left Behind (NCLB) the US has slipped from 18th in the world in math on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) to 31st place in 2009, with a similar drop and science.
    The National Research Council report in on May 26th of 2011 found no evidence of test-based incentive programs actually working, the Committee on Incentives and Test-Based Accountability in Public Education at the National Research Council stated "Despite using them for several decades, policymakers and educators do not yet know how to use test-based incentives to consistently generate positive effects on achievement and to improve education."
    There is no point to keep allowing states to make schools take standardized tests if they have only caused our country to drop in ranking compared to other countries. There are better ways to improve achievement other than standard tests such as MAPS and WKCE, which are obviously not working.
    The Brookings Institution found in 2001 that 50 to 80% of year-over-year test score improvements were only temporary and were “caused by fluctuations that had nothing to do with long-term changes in learning..”
    Some factors of how a student perform include emotional things, physical things (like a cold or headache), plus the tests only measure a small fraction of the students skills or knowledge which is far from sufficient. -W. James Popham (author, professor)
    Standardized tests can’t accurately measure a student's skills or knowledge.

  • I agree with the eighth grader

    I try really hard on my standarized testing but I never get over 500 and I am in pre algebra but some one who is not that smart gets a good one !!!!!!!! :( i think this should be stopped because I am smart but my mom gets angry at me because I did not get a good standarized test score

  • Guessing is not fair!

    I am in 8th grade and all i hear is that kids in my grade guessed on their tests and got a good grade on there tests. I think it is unfair that people can get good grades for guessing or cheating then kids that actually try. This really annoys me on how the fact that people get higher state tests because they raced through there tests not even trying and get an exceeding score, But this is also there lost because this also decides if you get into advanced classes next year

  • Because Each Child Thinks Differently.

    Standardized testing is narrow minded and leaves no room for the kids who think outside of the box. It doesn't even test on what a teacher has taught the kids, only a small fraction of things they know that may or may not have been taught to them based on the standards that the district has set.

  • No, there could be many students not willing to learn in the school.

    The schools can have many lazy kids that are not willing to learn anything. They doze off in classes, don't study for tests, do bad things. So it is never totally the school's fault. It actually sometimes can be, but not most of the time. Thank you for reading this.

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