• Helps asses school performance...

    But, cutting a school's funding because of low test scores is ridiculous. It's like: "Hey, I know you're failing, so I'll cut your funds until you do better!" What I think they should do is use the test to see where the school needs to improve academically and help reform the curriculum in that area. That way you can actually asses what it wrong in the school and actually fix it.

  • Money Making Business

    The CollegeBoard's programs of standardized tests, (SAT, AP Tests), are designed is all aspects as tools to make money. Standardized tests are required by almost every college. First its the base SAT test, then SAT subject tests, then AP exams. If you choose not to take these, you are not considered a competitive student. This is unfortunate, since some simply do not have the financial resources to take these tests. In the end, much talent and potential is lost.

    Colleges should move away from these programs which discriminate against poorer students, and minorities.

  • Way too much pressure on the students

    Standardized testing simply puts too much pressure on students. It should be based on semester average. I know that when Some kids study certain materials it's concrete. Then as soon as the test is in front of them they doubt themselves, can't think, or mix things up because of the pressure.

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