Is standardized testing hurting American schools?

  • Yes it is!

    Public schools should be focused on educating students for the real world, not the next standardized test. What will your standardized test scores matter when you try to get a job and don’t have the skills. Instead of investing in industrial arts and home economics classes, schools are spending more money on standardized test prep classes and materials. But you can’t blame the school for this, because the school will lose money if the students score poorly. The best performing schools will get more funding, while schools that need more help won’t be getting enough funding. That doesn’t make any sense!

  • Standardized testing is hurting american schools.

    Standardized testing is putting too much pressure on students. If you don't do as well as your friends, you are "stupid." I know they are useful to see where you place, put there is too much revelance put on it. I think tests from regular subjects should be enough. If your grades are well enough, you should be put in an advanced class. If you are struggling, I think tutoring is just fine.

  • Testing is not education

    Standardized testing is hurting American education because learning is not a competition. Assessment in America is all about who does better, not about who learns what and why. While there should be a common, basic curriculum, there should also be ample room and time for re-teaching and learning as well as for reflection and choice in learning.

  • It absolutely is

    Standardized testing seems to determine everything. Grades on these tests can determine if students pass or fail their grade, even if they've been doing fine all year long. It also determines how money is given to schools which is an issue as the best performing schools get more money, leaving schools that need the help more still left behind because they are not getting any funding. Standardized testing has no benefits. It happens a month or two before the school year even ends, so teachers essentially have to just teach students the material they need for these tests because it also reflects on their skills, then afterward it seems there is no reason to keep teaching or learning for students and the teachers since the tests are so emphasized, it is as if those are all that matters.

  • Teaching to the test doesn't spark creativity

    The new model of teaching to the test leaves kids at a disadvantage. It's one thing to have standardized testing to gauge general distinctions between teaching styles. It's a very bad way of gauging how individual students perform. It leaves teachers little way to modify topics and styles in regional situations.

  • No, but there need to be some allowances.

    If a student clearly has an issue with taking standardized tests, I think they should be allowed to complete the year in a different manner. But in terms of having these tests, I think there is nothing wrong with them. This has been proves an effective method for many years, so why change it now? Just make certain allowances.

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