• Why do you even ask?

    Star Wars is the best film series ever made hands down!Who ever likes Star Trek better than Star Wars is just a idiot and should go to jail for the rest of there life seriously people that think that are mentally insane!I don't why people would think that because there is no doubt in the world that Star trek is better than Star Wars

  • It's star wars!

    Why would you even try to compare star trek to it! Star wars opened a whole new cinematic universe. The villian were awesome and actually could win meaningful battles. The heros had depth and meaning. Memorable scenes no one will forget. And when someone dies they stay dead! Oh no kurks dead! Wait wait nope never mind he's back YAY! We diffenetly didn't know he was going to comeback!

  • It's Star Wars!

    1. Star wars opened a whole new universe of cinema
    2. The bad guys were actually bad guys. Unlike star trek which every bad guy had a bad life then became evil
    3. The bad guys actually could win! Every star trek villian always had some stupid plan that never worked!
    4.The hero's had depth and meaning and you could relate to them
    5. Wasn't boring as heck! (Except next generation that pretty good)

  • Trekkie and Proud!

    Reasons I prefer Star Trek:
    #1. The way it reflected on humanity (e.G. WWII in DS9, racism in the original series...) and asked controversial questions which aren't easy to answer (e.G. Is torture ever right? Is it right to deceive people if it has a good outcome?).
    #2. Star Wars has some great characters but I find the ones on Star Trek deeper and more interesting due to them having more shades of grey (and less light and dark side). For example; Kirk's racism, Picard's arrogance... And the villains seem more human to me which makes them far more compelling (at least to me). Like Dukat loving his daughter and being driven mad by her death or the Klingon's sense of honour, courage and strength. All good stuff!
    #3. I prefer the dialogue.

    However Star Wars does have better special effects, action, excitement and ships (I love inside the Death Star) but I prefer something that can make me think and help me to find more about myself (e.G. My answers to the questions and the characters I relate to/ despise).

  • Star Trek is a representation of what is best in humanity.

    Star Trek has had a monumental historical impact for a television series. It broke racial barriers inspired our current scientist and engineers and provoked deep philosophical thought. It also made Star Wars possible. Is Star Wars more entertaining to most yes but there have been 5 star trek series and 12 movies. Star wars has 6 movies half of them are despised by the fans and some animated series. So yeah if you like unoriginal and shallow plots, incest and racism star wars wins .

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