Is star wars the last Jedi better then the Force Awakens?

  • Yes better in a lot of way.

    And that is because it wasnt a rehash like The Force awakens was. Sure it had flaws but it was better. The only reason it had flaws because it was following the force awakens. The worst thing about this one was how luke was handled. Other than that it was good.

  • It wasn't... Bad...

    Before I begin, I’m assuming spoilers are being allowed in this thread. I had mixed opinions about Star Wars The Last Jedi. It had its positives and negatives in every part of the film. To start, the visuals and sound design were outstanding. This film had the best use of silence of all the Star Wars films; the light-speed crash was masterfully preformed. The view of the speeders (on the new ice planet) turning up salt, the glistening caverns, and the snow wolves were outstanding. Many of these new creatures felt like I was meeting new races that I never thought possible That isn’t to say that some of them I wish I hadn’t (looking at you Porgs). There were some visuals I wish were made better. I couldn’t help but immediately think of the shooting stars meme when I first saw the Leah in space scene (you know the one). As for the plot and characters, I was less than pleased. The introduction of Rose was wholly unnecessary, and we didn’t need to see any of the casino considering all the McGuffins. Additionally, on the snow planet. I felt either her, or Finn should have died. One of their arcs should have completed. Finally, Snoke. I wanted him to be a great villain, I really did, but I was confused whenever he came on screen. It was like he was trying to impress Palpatine as if he were an uninterested father. It felt like he was a character with no understanding of his own power who had no motivation whatsoever. Overall, an average movie, yet I still plan to watch episode 9 when it launches.

  • Yes, yes it is

    The last jedi has unexpecting twists, sure their are a couple mary sues but it is pretty captivating, the movie before had more may sue-ism that this movie, it was full of cliches and is a ripoff of one of the star wars movies, so this movie is better than the other one in my opinion

  • Omg i l o v e it

    I dont understand why theres people who doesnt like Star Wars. I mean it is awsooome. Each movie I see gets even better. At first I was a bit worried if the were going to ruin it with this new movie, but when I came out of the cinema i was surprised. I loved the movie and I think it is even better than the last one. I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE NEXT ONE :D

  • Yes, yes and YES

    The last Jedi is so much more exciting, the Force awakens was exciting too, but the Last Jedi had Luke!! And Luke was funny too, also the part with the hyper speed into the ship! (that was awesome and made my day) When Luke...Took his spirit out of his body..? I guess. Then Kilo Ren tried to kill him but it didn't work. Then Luke's phrase (which he only said two times) Everything you just said was wrong....I LOVE that. If you couldn't tell i really like Star Wars. And my favorite character is Luke<3<3<3

  • I must disagree

    The Force Awakens was a much more well put together movie. The characters developed well throughout the movie and there were not open ends that were left in the middle of the movie. It seemed more like a star wars movie than The Last Jedi. It had some good "battles" and lots of weird creatures. The Last Jedi focused too much on irrelevant things. It seemed as though every scene was equally important where as The Force Awakens had more of a focus to it. There were some unexpected things to happen, and some confusing things as well. When Leia got sucked out of the ship, she survived?,There was also a few things gone very unexplained which to me were not self explanatory. Like when Rey and Kylo had that connection, and it was clear that Supreme Leader Snokes made that connection, but it still continued after he died? In all, nothing was clear and spent too much time on unnecessary things, and seemed more like a connection movie for the next one.

    Posted by: Kiah

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