• It is great

    In MY opinion it is one of the best star wars movies because they can make it a lot more action packed because of cgi and how far technology has come so personally I love it and can't wait until the next star wars because star wars is great and has always been great.

  • I have never ever seen movie that's worse.

    I don't understand how anyone can like it. First I though that people don't know much about Star Wars. That they didn't waste their time with learning rules of the force and the universe itself. And I thought that has to be the case.
    But the trilogy doesn't even work on itself. Why is Rey so good at everything? For example how can she even swim? How on Earth is she better than Kylo? Why the pointless quest to casino? Why promote Phasma as something super cool when she has nothing to offer? Why push your politic agenda so obviously?
    I have never left the cinema before the end before this film. At the climax when Kylo stood across Luke I felt so angry and decided that I would rather catch a bus now than seeing the whole thing and waiting 10 minutes. And I am not even that much of a critic. I mean what the heck I loved prequels!

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