• A matter of being a Star Wars fan.

    Just because one implies and uses the cons of the canonical movies does not make a movie not worth seeing, but neither does it make it worth seeing. The original trilogy was made to fulfill a dream during its age. The preqeuls were movies that could've been greater if people worked harder. The latest trilogy was not meant solely to interest the older fans but to bring in children to love it. Despite how much the opposition grew up to slowly hate Star Wars, it doesn't matter. They want to build a new generation of people just like us who watched the movies as children and loved it as children. It would be worth seeing if you loved or loathed it for the flaws of a movie (especially SW) is what makes it interesting. It won't matter if you care because sooner or later you'll be dead not watching the future of this beloved space opera that formed your childhood.

  • Star Wars is amazing.

    It is one of the legendary movies anyone has to see. And the Force Awakens presented so many questions, while The Last Jedi answer them with crystal clarity, and presented, even more, questions for us to debate and think about, until the next movie. Also, it is just a Star Wars movie, why wouldn't you see it?

  • Why would it not?

    The events of The Force Awakens opened up some questions for me; how is that Rey has the Force? How did Kylo Ren become who he is? I am particularly interested in hearing Kylo Ren's backstory. I intend to see The Last Jedi in theatres when it comes out. Should be exciting!

  • Yes, especially if you've seen the rest of the series?

    No matter how good or bad it may be, 'The Last of the Jedi" represents a milestone in American pop culture. Since 1977 the 'Star Wars' saga has captured our imagination and led to tremendous advances in film and animation technology. If for no other reason, you should to see if the special effects are still as good as they were 30 years ago.

  • Yes, Star Wars The Last Jedi is worth seeing for those who are fans of the Star Wars series.

    Yes, Star Wars The Last Jedi is worth seeing for those who are fans of the Star Wars series. The Star Wars series has been very popular with its fans for a long time. These fans like to see every movie that is in the series. This new movie should be just as good as the rest of the movies in the series which makes it worth seeing.

  • What happens to Luke?

    Of course 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' is worth seeing! I have to know what Luke decides to do when Rey comes knocking with his old lightsaber. Does he rejoin society and actually help, or does he just turn into Yoda and train Rey on his planet, then watch her leave after she is a Jedi?

  • It is a universe breaking middle-finger to the cannon and previous work.

    Several characters (Snoke, Hux, Phasma) are hollowed out archetypes with no personality or story of their own. Also, given that space combat has taken place for 1,000 years in this galaxy, Holdo's hyper-speed kamikaze cannot be the first attempt at this -- which means that all space fleets would have taken measures to prevent being destroyed by a rogue hyperspeeder. This movie could not remotely stand alone without the other seven supporting it. Here's a two-hour long debate on the matter:


  • This movie ruined star wars

    The movie was awfully put together and how do you mess up when the previous movie was so good and brought the star wars community alive again. There were so many plot holes and "easy way out" options and when and doubt make stuff up so it fits your needs . Like are you kidding me

  • I think Star Wars is over rated

    As a child, I enjoyed watching the original Star Wars trilogy, but later installations and sequels I lost interest in. There is a whole generation who love Star Wars and it holds a special place in their lives, but recent episodes have lost the original appeal of the first trilogy.

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