• It is guf

    I love it i play over 800 hours plz say yes it is so gud i couldnt stop playing it and i met a whole lot of friends on it so please play this if you like biuilding and doing everything sci fi like if you dare play it do it

  • It's way better.

    Starbound blows Terraria out of the water completely. Most people who play Terraria have never played Starbound, because they think it's a rip-off. Yeah, right. It has better graphics, a much better plot/story, and the fact that there are both procedurely-generated and non-procedurely-generated monsters and weapons is really cool. Plus have you seen the XS and ZZ mech mods for Starbound?

  • The experience I had with Starbound was better than Terraria

    Well, For starters, I started playing terraria the tablet and migrated to the Xbox, so I got a PC Gamer and saw that Terraria has a lot of new things, so do not judge me for missing something ... Well, there you go: I played Terraria with a friend for 1 FOLLOWED THE MONTH !!! The People evolved in the game very quickly, without knowing how to do this and that we turned ... Beauty, after about two weeks the game started to get boring. After this month he moved and I won the PC. I loved the idea of ​​terraria, and in a way much loved this game ... So to not repeat the same path sought a SandBox game with the idea of ​​Terraria ... BOOOM soon appears starbound .. That game brought me a whore remarkable experience ... The updates take, but when they arrive ... EVEN. They say terraria has events like the moon of blood, and the next starbound updates will deploy Random events, items, bosses, new biomes, weapons and such. Despite being a 2D game, you have to admit that the Starbound chart is best. In a way you FEEL in space, like in the movies. The Most Terraria fans like a good RPG, and RPGs has history, is not it? Well, Terraria has no history ... You do the story ... Despite being amazing, really, does not give you a base from which to form your adventure story be more epic ... Yeah. Starbound has a story .. And For you not say, Oh, SandBox we make our own history. Yes, but Starbound gives you the basis of the characters and some stories for ourselves create our propia adventure, our history. Example: You are playing Terraria, when you want to be that hero who kills the villain and save the world. The bosses of the terraria are only irrational animals with sense of survival and such. Already the Starbound they have a ready little story in which you change or implements, in a certain way. Now let's assume that you do not like technology. Terraria is medieval, is very good. Okay. Starbound is a game "futuristic" But it gives you the option to be medieval, primitive, futurist, Conqueror Space Pirate (Update Space Fight, not necessarily pirate, space fighter), Evil, Good, Explorer Any, you can . Outside the exploitation of ONE UNIVERSE, A UNIVERSE WITH PLANETS, STARS, THE DUNGEONS, CLASS OF CHOICE AND MUCH MORE. For me this is the Sandbox, the Sandbox definitive. I recommend. In my opinion: Terraria: 7/10 Starbound: 9/10

  • I play both and host servers for both.

    My friends are split on this some want to play starbound the others play terraria. I can tell you without a doubt the controls, and method in which star bound lets you build things is superior. They have a deep and rich story with far more objects that allow for a roleplay element. When you pick a Random planet you can go there and discover things you never could discover before. You can go where no person has gone before exploring the universe. I spend many more hours with my Starbound friends for this reason.

  • Full of lovely space

    Starbound has a great way of progressing to other planets to get certain materials at the correct time with radiation and heat and all that and has an explanation for just about everything, e.g. You arrive in a ship, Why? Because you didn't like your kind being tormented so stole an enemy ship that was a little wrecked from battle. Not just because, oh that's where you just "appeared" .

  • Starbound is still in beta and it is still better that terraria

    I have played both and starbound is just so much better, starbound has so much more attention to detail and even has a pretty good storyline where as terraria just throws you in the world and off you go, Starbound also has hundreds of planets to explore rather than just one, it also adds the feature to build 3D structures while terraria does not plus starbound is still in beta. I don't hate Terraria I just like Starbound a lot more.

  • Gaming War- Part 2 Reason: More variety

    Starbound simply has a larger variety of places to explore, items to obtain, and more. You can play as 7 different classes, explore different planets, and follow an amazing storyline. Every class has something unique to them. There's even more mobs than you ever thought possible. I will always be a fan of Terraria, but Starbound is my top dog.

  • Too Random, No personality or Charm

    I bought Starbound hyped up and I still play everynow and then but thats because of guilt from buying it, I keep hoping itll get better and wont be so so so boring but it nevers does, yes its in beta boo hoo but i n its current state it should have a warning label saying may bore you to death.

  • Starbound SUCKS terraria is EPIC!

    I actually never played Starbound but because all other games are worse than terraria I think terraria is better. Life, Biomes, Lunar events, Npcs, Bosses, Monsters music and crafting you can pick your world. I love terraria it has servers with super games. But also I have never played starbound so 1/1 I say.

  • Starbound is a complete rip off of terraria!

    If you do some digging, it will be obvious that starbound is a rip off! Sarbound was released in 2016 and terraria was released in 2011! Also, with all of the bosses and events in terraria, there is nothing fun to do in starbound! After playing through terraria, starbound looks like a complete joke!!!!

  • Wow. Such foolish gamers

    I looked at this question and instantly made an opinion. Terraria could never be worse than any other game in the universe. This is a simple question with a simple answer. Anyone that says yes needs medical help right away. If your doctor can not give you a medicine to make you like Terraria, just die.

  • The're both like 2 sides of a coin

    Just kidding starbound and terraria are like two sides of a coin. One has something the other does not. Terraria has some interesting biomes that starbound does not have such as hell, crimson, corruption,hollow, and in game events. Starbound have many planets with different things, and dungeons, quests, and even lore and a story line. One is NOT better than the other. So I have to say starbound is not better, neither is terraria.

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