• Corporations are not people

    It is getting a bit exhausting hearing companies continuously taking political or religious "stands." Simply put, Corporations are not people. Yes, companies are run by people or a family, but they also employ other individuals. Those individuals may not share the same beliefs as the owners. Let's keep a separation here.

  • Yes, Starbucks is wrong for taking a stance on Israel

    Yes, I think that Starbucks is wrong for taking a stance on Israel. This sort of political stance could have alienate their current and future customers. I don't believe it is the place of business organisations to become involved in worldwide political affairs, especially when the company involved is not really associated directly with the situation.

  • Starbucks and Isreal

    No Starbucks I do not think that the company of Starbuck is wrong for taking a stance against Isreal. Every one is allowed to have an opinion and in the United States of America we have the freedom of speech. If Starbucks wants to raise awareness by taking a stance it could be beneficial.

  • They have a right to choose

    Any company really can choose to serve or not serve if they have a political stance. I don't believe that Starbucks is wrong for taking a stance on Israel. Regardless of what that stance is, at this point I believe many companies may end up having to choose a stance for their companies in the Middle East and Israel.

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