• State Medicaid will help families

    State Medicaid will provide a new avenue and benefits for people who need the extra health care to provide for their families. This will be necessary in the future when the Obama care kicks in where everyone needs health insurance. So state regulations involving Medicaid will become essential to those who need it.

  • State Medicaid Expansion Saves Lives

    State Medicaid expansion is a good thing for American society because it will save lives significantly over all time frames, long and short. Why? First, because fewer people will be stressed about money because of health conditions and also because the preventive care aspects of Medicaid will help folks catch chronic and life threatening diseases before they get out of control.

  • Yes, It Is

    Some states say that expanding Medicaid is too expensive and they politicians feel like it is a good policy but not a policy their state can afford. I personally think that is false. I think these politicians still believe there are some people who simply don't deserve health care. Medicaid expansion is undeniable good. It provides health care to people who have never had it before and still can not afford, even after Obamacare. People like myself. If we can obtain health care we will be healthier, we will be more able to work, we will be able to interact with the economy. Without proper health care we will be forced to decide between working or receiving the medical care we need. Without proper health care we will not be able to work because we will be sick or worse yet dying. Without proper health care we will continue to drain other social programs until there is nothing left.

  • The country is being robbed with Medicaid enrollments.

    State Medicaid expansion is not good. It takes money away from the country's tax base. So many people on Medicaid have unhealthy life habits, such as drug use, out-of-wedlock births, and obesity. This means that working people have to pay for all of their care out of their paychecks. This is not good for Americans or the country overall.

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