Is state-sponsored open racism ok in the 21st century?

Asked by: jakscrow
  • Nice biased and irrelevant topic.

    All I see is a routine suppression of a minority. Nothing to see here, move along. Considering that slavery wasn't even a thing in the Civil War until Lincoln freed all the slaves in the Confederate States, where he had no power, as a symbolic act to keep Great Britain from entering the war, go home. No really, if you don't like it here, go home. Go home to a place that, when the supposedly evil, imperialistic Europeans left, became an utter nightmare of gang warfare. In short, nothing would really change, except you wouldn't have running water anymore.
    But I'm being distracted. The Civil War was more an issue of state's rights than anything else, like I've said earlier.
    Also, racial profiling to catch illegals is an excellent system. Considering how often other civil liberties are routinely stamped on by the government, this one isn't really that bad.

  • Confederate flag supporters say yes.

    The confederate flag symbolizes extremism and a cultural heritage that wanted to leave the USA because the didn't support the abolition of slavery. For confederate flag supporters, racism is nostalgic and a symbol that their free to support a dark chapter in USA history.
    It's sad that 21st century, state-sponsored racism is still an open practice.

  • The question of this debate is extremely biased

    "Is state-sponsored open racism ok in the 21st century?" some people might not think that the confederate flag is racist. Maybe you should have asked:
    "Is flying the confederate flag in public places ok"
    I don't think the confederate flag should be in public places but people should definitely be allowed to fly it on their private property.

  • If you were not a history major in college, don't act like one.

    Saying the Civil War was about the South protecting States Rights and not Slavery is completely false. Read any number of legitimate books any you will see the truth. Read the Confederates Constitution, which took the rights AWAY from the States to decide, you had to allow slavery. The Confederates were against State rights. They fought for Slavery.

  • Ask the question then give your opinion dont do both at once.

    Ask the question directly please.

    Also we need to take that flag down and theres many reasons to do so namley the racism but more specifically;

    the givernment of the us is suppose to represent the people, all the people, and treat all citizens equally under the law. How can all citizens look up at that flag hanimg on their state house amd feel confisent that they will be treated and represented equally. And how can we expect a statehouse that allows the celebration of that flag on thei property to do so? Take it down.

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Forthelulz says2015-06-20T00:59:34.587
This question is slanted. And just for that...
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-22T11:26:50.867
There is no state-sponsored racism in America. You picture of the confederate flag on a state building implies there is which is really misleading.