• Stem Cell Research is not unethical.

    Many people may argue that EMBRYONIC Stem Cell Research is unethical, because it requires the destruction of the early blastocyst, which is seen as a person. However, this is highly untrue and innacurate, because according to the Warnock Committee on Embryology, the early embryo cannot be seen and given the respect due to an actual person until it reaches 14 days of age.

  • There is nothing ethically wrong with stem cell research!

    Stem cells are harvested from aborted fetuses or umbilical chord of a born baby. It is not killing anyone except for the aborted fetus witch in any case is going to die anyways. The stem cells that are not donated are burned. If you had a magic potion to save a life or to make a life better would you give it to some one in need or just get rid of it.

  • Stem Cell Research is Unethical

    Embryonic stem cells can survive indefinitely in a lab petri dish. This means that they can still grow into a human being, and are not destroyed. As well, the act of harvesting stem cells and then discarding the embryo de-values human life. This paves a road for scientists to shunt aside, even ignore human life in experiments.

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