Is Stephen Curry the most valuable player for the Golden State Warriors?

  • Curry is Definitive MVP

    Stephen Curry is hands down the most valuable player for the Golden State Warriors. He led his team to an incredible record last season, topped off with an impressive Finals win that could not have happened without his leadership, athleticism, and talent. Golden State has some great players, but they would not be half the team they are without Curry. Teammates seem to thrive off him and perform better when he does.

  • Yes, Stephen Curry was actually awarded the National Basketball Association's title of Most Valuable Player in 2015.

    Yes, Stephen Curry was even named the NBA's Most Valuable Player. While winning requires an entire team to have excellent performance, Stephen Curry has expert skills compared to his peers. In addition to the MVP he holds the NBA award in the Three Point Contest as well as a few other NBA award categories. The Golden State Warriors are an incredible team, but the star in their midst is definitely Stephen Curry.

  • Without a doubt!

    Steph Curry has been an amazing asset for the Warriors, and there is no sign of him letting up anytime soon. He has been absolutely amazing for the first part of this season, and has posted numbers that no one else can even compete with. If not for his talent, the Warriors wouldn't be in the position they currently are. He is, without a doubt, the MVP!

  • Curry is overrated

    Curry is a awesome basketball player, he has shots, handles, and he can even dunk , but he is overrated. The reason i say he is overrated is because when Curry won the championship vs. Cleveland he was announced the greatest Point guard that ever lived like come on he is not better than Iverson. If he was the greatest point guard people wouldn't compare him to Kyrie.

  • I don't think so

    Stephen Curry is probably the best player on the planet. However, I don't think he is the most valuable player on the Golden State Warriors. I think Green is the most valuable player. Green is probably not the best player on the team, but his contributions are huge. He allows the others to succeed.

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