• Stereotyping is inevitable

    Stereotyping is inevitable because everyone does without even knowing it. You can sit there and say that you would never or has never stereotyped anyone in your life well it's a lie because everyone does it. It's something that everyone single person does involuntarily. When you see someone or something that stereotypes you've grown up learning about helps you suspect what one person is gonna do or what they like to do, but we don't know until we talk to them but let's face it no one talks to anyone anymore they just assume.

  • Yes and It's Not Bad

    It's just rooted in the way we categorize and learn about everything. Even things we say we know for certain we know from things we have learned which is from limited information.

    Why wouldn't you want to be able to do this? Say you move into a whole new society and you start interacting and getting to know people, you're going to want to notice things like the personality differences between people based on their clothes and other things. Some of this will be wrong since you have a limited sample size(everyday life is a form of social science) but you must still make everyday life choices based on something. In time your ideas about people become more and more accurate but never 100% accurate just like our ideas about the rest of the world except people make themselves more difficult to observe.

  • Yes, it's human nature.

    It is part of human nature, unfortunately, to make broad judgments about a group of people based on what a person observes. So long as we continue to have clearly defined groups of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and even gender within society, we will have stereotypes of those groups.

  • To some extent.

    Unfortunately, it is true that there will always be more than few idiots in the world. Because of this, it is fair to say that there will always be stereotyping in one form or another. Even if the majority of the people do not stereotype, there will always be a few that will.

  • Stereotyping reveals the human tendency to group people into categories, and is inevitable.

    Stereotyping are beliefs about people or groups of people, but is often used as a tool for putting our world together in a meaningful way. All of us have biases and our thoughts and actions are clouded by our unique perceptions. So therefore, some stereotyping is inevitable, however it can be avoided as much as possible with conscious effort.

  • It is really just a mental thing

    To say that stereotyping is inevitable is like saying that not eating healthy or not exercising or not studying is inevitable too. We don't just get up one day and accomplish these things if we haven't had the experience, motivation or discipline to do them. We learn them as we go along. So just because it may seem like stereotyping is human nature and inevitable, think about the choices we make throughout our days. We can really decide whether or not we want to judge someone based off of their race, characteristics, religion or whatever. Being more open to new things and not striving on the past is the key. Not saying that being informed of the past and history is bad thing, but just being willing to let go of judgment and allow yourself to be open with others will break away any stereotype you may have had.

  • No it is not.

    Stereotyping is not inevitable. Many people might have a passing thought of someone because the way they dress or because of their interests but the second they hear and see their personality the person is not going to get stereotyped. Also, a lot of people do not even think that much about the people are them.

  • There's no proof that says that stereotyping will always exist.

    There's no proof that says that stereotyping will always exist. Furthermore, the notion that it will always exist is a blatant, self-fulfilling prophecy. As long as somebody can learn and be exposed to other people and other viewpoints, there exists the possibility of getting away from prejudices and away from stereotypes.

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