• Yes, stereotyping someone is a form of racism

    When a person is stereotyping someone or a group, they can discriminate someone for their race or ethnicity while verbally attacking the person. Stereotyping is when a person is attacking a person for their race or gender, or culture. Racism is when someone is attacking another because of their race. Usually, when someone is being racist, they would say stereotypical comments. Stereotyping and racism is found within society, especially when their a majority and minority group in which the majority is "superior" to the minority group (giving them "right" to be able to attack the person verbally or physically--which is not true, it isn't right).

  • Yes, stereotyping is a form of racism.

    When you assume that a person engages in specific activities, eats certain foods, and speaks a particular fashion simply due to that person's skin color, that is racist behavior. Automatically labeling a person just because the individual comes from another country or possesses a certain skin color is completely racist and unfair.

  • Stereotyping is Racism

    It's Racism because Stereotyping for example black people eat fried chicken every night and can't swim, it's a stereotype, but when you say that to a black person they get offended (just an example) it's basically racism in another form. Stereotypes are basically the "most polite" way of racism which is wrong!

  • Yes,i am sure about it.

    Raciam and steriotypical thinking go hand In hand. Steriotyoes are all around us. Even we are stereotypes in some way. When a person thinks another race is not as superior as their's,they tend to start acting very mean and arrogant towards a person or people of a particular race. When a person thinks black people are dirty, it is steriotypical thinking and when they start ignoring them or behaving rude towards them it leads up to racism.SO STOP THINKING IN SUCH A STERIOTYPLCAL WAY AND STOP RACISM!

  • How are you putting a whole race in one assumptiom

    I get so mad/and uncomfortable when non black ppl say to stereotypical things to me. Like why? Because of my ethnicity, skin tone.. Etc your gonna generalize me like that? Without knowing me or who i am, u assuma i like banana's or im a terroists because im muslim or whatever. Stereotyping is racist

  • I mean think about it.

    When you hear someone making fun of another person's race it's usually with a stereotype. For instance all black people like fried chicken. All white girls like Starbucks. It's these types of stereotypes that makes it racist. Although stereotyping is much broader than racism it is still a form of it.

  • Stereotyping towards a race is racism.

    Simple as that. You can't make a statement towards a race, then claim that it's simply a joke, or a stereotype. Even if it's a positive thing ("All Asians are smart.", or something that is kind of neutral ("All black people get tattoos."), it's still racist! You are labeling people just on their race, it's racist. If you are assuming things based off their race, like I said, it's racist. If you have to back up your "joke", by saying it was just a joke, or only a stereotype, then that means you have something to defend. Jokes are supposed to be funny, not offending. If someone is getting offended, don't blame them for not being able to take a ''joke'', because obviously there was something wrong in what you said. Stereotypes don't have to be racist, (they can also be sexist, or simply just offensive,) but if you're stereotyping towards a race, it's racist.

  • Yes it is,

    Racial stereotyping is a form of racism, espcially if the stereotype has any sort of negative connotation to it. Not only are you generalizing an entire culture, but you're making them inferior as a whole by saying these stereotypes. Negatively judging peoples based on the actions of one or a few others of the same culture is racism, don't do it.

  • It is a form of racism.

    So as I was reading the "NO" side of the argument, it seems to me that all of them were citing that basically stereotyping is just a joke, or something that is stupid. But no, I disagree. If someone can get offended over any stereotypical comment, I think that would make it racist. Racism,I believe, is basically in any way that makes the other person feel bad about who they are or attacking them just because of who they are. You shouldn't label anyone just because they are this color, religion, or anything. Not everyone, even if they are the same race, is the same. Stereotypical comments pretty much categorizes those certain people as a certain label. And I get a lot of stereotypical comments, and when I ask them to stop most of them said they were kidding. Even if they were kidding, words can hurt. People seriously need to think think about that before they throw a random stereotypical comment at anyone.

    Posted by: LCHS
  • Its called Aversive Rascism

    The jokes nowadays have gone from "orange you glad i didnt say bannana?" to "black people like chicken". That isnt okay. You cannot subject a whol race to one opinion. Even a good one. Like "Asians are smart." because NO ONE made you the spokes persons for that entire race. Because scientifically, there is no evidence that skin color or ethnicity is a factor in behavior or intelligence. And yes. Im 12 and live in the south, so you could say im fed up with this. These to guys on my bus cant keep their mouths shut about these things. And the bad part is that people subject their OWN race to aversive racsism. Making people think its okay. Like a black man saying black people play badketball when that isnt fair to every other black person on this earth because no one made YOU the spokes person. So how about we act color blind and ignore pigment and look more at personality

  • Some Stereotypes Are Racist Some Are Not

    I am doing a project on stereotyping and some stereotypes have truth behind them and others do not. Stereotyping is not a nice thing to do but some stereotypes are racist. Like black people like kool-aid at first you think what's wrong with that everyone likes kool-aid but, the stereotype comes from the belief that all black people are poor and kool-aid is all they can afford. Others like all white girls love starbucks isn't that bad because if you were to ask white girls if they like starbucks over 90% would say yes I do not say no stereotypes are not racist, I am writing under no because there is no in between.

  • As a social science graduate I say no

    Most stereotypes are based on generalised observations of behaviour. These are useful for humans to make quick initial understandings about people which can then lead to further invitation are more in-depth discover of behaviours which can either dispel of confirm a stereotype to be true.
    Racism is the believe that one race is inferior than another simply for being a member of said race.

  • Some are sterotype , some are racist or both.

    Well i think sterotype is not racist. Example im asian and people said asian people are smart in Math. I'm getting little upset(lol) but i wont call them racist.

    Unfortunately when certain race or ethnic group do something bad. People will pre judge them base on the skins tones instead of their chractertistic.

  • Is a Native American drawn in Native American Traditional Clothes Stereotypical?

    Is a Native American drawn in Native American Traditional Clothes Stereotypical? Yes of course it is... Is it bad? No.. Only if you include that you are ignorant that this is how they dress and act nowadays... Is it racist? No of course not... Is it racist to say that black people like watermelon? No... Is it stereotypical? Of course it is. While it is not a negative stereotype it is a bit ignorant seeing as not all black people like watermelon, and honestly, plenty of other people like it...
    Is saying all black people are stupid monkeys racist? Hell yes it is.. It is implying that black folks are lesser than other races...

  • There's a bit of a difference

    1. Thinks one race is better than the other.
    This is racism
    2. Makes an observation about someone and says something positive or negative about it.
    This is NOT racism
    It's just being rude/ignorant.
    Unless you think your race is better than theirs IT IS NOT RACIST! Don't get it mixed up or mixed together.

  • Stereotyping is a tool for communication.

    Racism is a belief that denigrates or promotes hatred of a race. A stereotype only categorizes all beliefs some racist and some not.

    Word count padding to get the required number of words without being longwinded and wordy, even though I did not need more words to make a concise persuasive argument

  • It's not. What more

    Racism is when you feel that any race is superior to another. Stereotyping, while seemingly similar, are just exaggerated (true suggestions about a race). For example saying that a black person likes chicken could be true, but of course can't account for every black individual. It's a stereotype and does not state that your race is any better. Asian people are smart is even a positive stereotype.

  • Yes it is

    Look up the definition of stereotype and racism they are irrechangable. They just switch some words up. So if you look at it in that way it is racism. When I say white people cant jump I'm being racist and making a stereotype. Or saying a Mexican is lazy it's racist and a stereotype.

  • No its not

    It is not if it is an observation.... If i say that person is black, i am not being racist... It makes zero sense what so ever. To say something like people who are "black" have brown skin, is not racist rather than an observation. If you said "your so tan u look like your black" THAT IS NOT RACIST

  • Some stereotyping is racist, not all racism is stereotyping

    Stereotyping a person because of a feature , is not racism, such as the stereotype that black people like fried chicken, is not racism because it's a observation, evidently not a good one but it is not putting them down for doing it. Racism is the verbal attack of a person because of race.

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bhawkins says2016-11-08T04:33:47.890
I don't believe it is because racism is when, in your own opinion, when a race is superior to you. Sometimes it can be taken too far, and can really come back to cause some problems. Making jokes does not automatically mean someone is a racist that could just mean they're stupid. But those types of people need to realize racism is a very touchy subject and they need to stop joking around with what they say.