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  • It is wrong

    Stereotyping is bad and not right.How could you judge someone if you don't even know them. You never know what that person is going through. S T E R E O T Y P I N G I S B A D. D O N T D O I T


    Stereotyping people is not good because people can get pressured into being like their 'stereotype' people need to be themselves and not how the world expects them to be! How would you like it if someone came up to you and said you only care about your looks because your blonde or if someone says your hated by society if your a goth if someone does stereotype you tell them to go away and think about the stereotypes that come from their race, culture or beliefs!! This NEEDS to stop!!! Thank you.

  • Stop stereotyping without getting to know them

    On the "no" side, people keep saying that stereotyping is not wrong because it's true for some people. Well just because it's true doesn't mean that it's not wrong to stereotype. Is bullying someone okay because sometimes what the bully is saying about a person is true? No. I'm Asian, and I'm not that good at math. Is it okay for other people to judge me because of that? No. Just because it's true for some people doesn't mean it's true for all.
    I'm not saying that we should all stop stereotyping. We can't. A lot of us are unconsciously biased about certain kinds of people. I think that we could learn what our biases are and learn to stop making more biases.

  • Yes it is

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  • It is wrong.

    Pigeonholing people into restrictive categories that aren't true is a bad thing and if you go around judging people by how their stereotypes claim to say they are, it can deeply hurt their feelings.
    Let's say you had blonde hair and you were top at most of the things you do and someone came up to you and called you dumb, you'd be offended, wouldn't you?

  • No, No, No Its So Wrong!

    It is just mean to judge someone by what they look like, their clothes,hair or race. They are their own person, you aren't them you don't know how they feel or what they like to do. "Oh hey your black, do you steal stuff?" He could be a policeman or a priest! I just don't get it! A girl can play with cars and a boy can play with dolls, an Asian can fail maths and a White can not like Starbucks and can love everyone. Just Stop!, please it's not even funny.

  • Stereotypes are wrong

    People aren't all the same. If you see an Asian person and walk up to them like "Asians are SO smart". Like wtf no, thats untrue what if this person is not so great in math? Exactly you're to busy make dumb assumptions w/o actually getting to know this person.

  • Stereotyping is definitely wrong!

    I think very strongly that stereotyping is wrong. I may only be eleven but I have some strong opinions. Assuming somebody has to behave, look or just be a certain way because of their race, gender or where they come from is something that shouldn't be done. It is offensive and in some cases racist and sexist. I know that it will probrably always exist, but that does not ever make it right

  • Stereotypes Are Wrong

    A stereotype is a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. We tend to assume we know a lot about a person based on their gender, race, or style. Gender, race, and style are not good predictors of skills, interests, or emotional characteristics; in fact they are terrible predictors. Maybe you see a black cat for example and you think of the urban legend that if a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck; the stereotype being that black cats are bad luck, when in reality the cat is just as good or as bad as white, orange, or brown cats. While some people may think of stereotypes as guidelines as to how one should act or think based on gender or looks, others may find them false and restrictive, and more often than not, they are.
    A common gender stereotype is that males learn better when a male teacher is the one teaching, and females learn better when a female teacher is the one teaching, when it really just depends on how well the teacher is teaching the class, regardless of gender. Social science research is based on a search for differences rather than similarities. Since we don’t search for similarities, we don’t find them and create an overemphasis on differences between males and females. To deal with complexity, we often revert to simplicity; we tend to categorize and make judgments based on that categorization. For example, when we see someone driving poorly, we tend to assume the driver is female based on the ‘’woman driver’’ stereotype, but when we see a woman driving just fine, very few if any people say that the stereotype is wrong.
    Any assumption is a stereotype if it ascribes to a person or thing based solely on gender, race, or looks. It’s a stereotype to assume a tall and thin African American male is a basketball player or a criminal when he may not be, that an Asian student is good at math when they might actually be struggling with the subject, or that all white people are racist when some actually support differences in race. The statement ‘’Susie will be better at babysitting than Ed because she is a girl’’ is a stereotype because males can be good at child care as well, and it’s a stereotype if a book, toy, or tool is described or pictured as ‘’for boys’’, or ‘’for girls’’.

  • It's the truth

    There is nothing wrong about telling the truth about something, someone or whatever. Think about it...Have you ever seen an African-American that did something good and didn't just care about hip-hop or how cool they look or making up or saying lazy words? (Yo, homie, swag, nae-nae) No! It's the truth!

  • It is necessary

    Stereotyping is necessary for human interaction and communication. When you enter a room full of hundreds of people how do you choose who is most likely to match who you are? You judge a book by its cover. It would be impossible to go around talking to everyone in the world and take weeks to get to know them. This process is made infinitely more efficient by stereotyping people based on their looks and actions, and will more often than not lead you to what you're looking for.

  • No, Serves A Purpose?

    No, stereotyping is not wrong. Unfortunate as it is, stereotyping is a part of law enforcement as there are some races and economic levels more prone to violence than others. While society recognizes there are good and bad in every level and ethnicity, the cold hard fact is that as long as crime and terrorism continue to run rampant, stereotyping will continue to be a part of life.

  • I dread to see the day where boys wear skirts

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  • Simple preliminary judgement

    Stereotyping only becomes wrong after one has met the individual and can fairly gauge the persons temperament/morals. Beforehand it's almost always based one previous encounters which is an accurate and acceptable logic regarding anything but race. If you've been robbed by multiple black folk you have a reason to be cautious

  • There is some truth to all stereotypes

    Stereotypes do not necessarily represent a group or community as a whole. Nor do stereotypes represent a single person or individual member of a group or community.

    Stereotypes are a generalization (right or wrong) of a particular group or community. An example would be: 'Stereo-typically, people that travel south for the winter are older and retired' This is an absolute fair statement to make because as I stated in the headline, there is some truth to it.

    It is very simple to exchange the verbiage 'Stereo-typically or any variation of the word Stereotype' with 'Generally speaking'. 'Generally speaking, people that travel south for the winter are older and retired'

    There is nothing wrong with generalizing a group of people. Here is another one 'Generally speaking (Stereo-typically) politicians twist the truth to better their chances at winning an election'. That does not mean that ALL politicians OR ONE politician twists the truth. It means that there is a percentage that is >1% and <100% that twist the truth.

    A stereotype is something that, over time, has been observed to be in some instances either true or false about a group of people, community, or, for that matter, a particular breed of dog. Stereotyping pit bulls, for example, to be more aggressive than other breeds provides people with the opportunity to guard against being in a position to be harmed.

    Here is another example: Babies born to mother that use drugs are stereo-typically more likely to have learning difficulties as they grow. Again, this does not happen to all babies born to mothers that used drugs while pregnant but it definitely has been true to some.

    There are some negative stereotypes in society as well. Here is an example: Stereo-typically all Native Americans are alcoholics. Is there a prevalence of alcoholism on reservations? Yes, even Native Americans would agree with you. There is SOME truth to this stereotype. Is it wrong? No, it's not. Does it cast a shadow on a group of people? Yes, it does.

    Unfortunately in our society today it is not ok or kosher to speak negatively about a person or a group of people or a community when, perhaps that negative statement may have some truth to it.

  • Don't deny it.

    Stereotypes were not just created by the actions and thoughts of one person. It's the result of observing a similar community.

    When people say that Asians are good at math, why do we have to deny it? It's a positive message. If you aren't already, can't you take that to add to your confidence and your pride?

    When people say that Blacks like fried chicken, why do we claim that they are being racist? It is their way of connecting to their community. Why are we saying that a common interest is wrong to claim?

    We are all being ignorant by saying that these similarities are wrong. We are ignoring the sense of pride that a person receives when they are accepted into community.

    Besides, the only butt-hurt people that take offense to these stereotypes are either those that deny their ancestry and background, or if they are of a different culture altogether.

    Why are we letting these people who stand strayed from their past run the opinion of us, the actual people.?

  • What stereotyping is.

    I believe it is important to realize there is a difference between stereotyping and racism. Racism is treating someone worse because of their race. Stereotyping is using your normal methods of making something safe and applying your experience and knowledge to that choice. This can only lead to a more secure society, and that is more important than "hurt feelings".

  • It is human nature to generate conclusions based on consistent observation.

    Steriotyping has recieved such a negative connotation, but not because it in itself is wrong, but because people automatically link steriotyping to bullying which is not necessarily the case. We have evolved to continuously look for patterns in our surrounding environments and to draw conclusions based on those observations. This makes day to day life more efficient and less stressful as we can operate quickly and without second guessing every single detail about everything because we live day to day following the assumptions and stereotypes we make about the world and people every day. It's nature.

    Stereotyping isn't inherently wrong or immoral; it's how you chose to act on your personal observation of the world that needs to be considered. Bullying is wrong, and people automatically link stereotyping to bullying. The wrong thing is under attack here. Don't hate on stereotyping, or making logically inductive conclusions about things because of statistical consistency. Hate on bullying and bullies.

  • Stereotyping is necessary

    One advantage of a stereotype is that it enables us to respond rapidly to situations because we may have had had a similar experience before.
    One disadvantage is that it makes us ignore differences between individuals; therefore we think things about people that might not be true (i.E. Make generalizations).
    Psychologists believe that the reason we stereotype is because the brain has limited capacity storage. If we did not categorize, we would need to store immense details about everything we saw in order to use tools and have relationships
    Some people stereotype because they are unhappy with who they are. They think that they will become bigger and better if they bring other people down with comments, it doesn't make them any bigger or better, it just makes them a bully.

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