• Yes bee so special

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  • Steve Jobs is Manually Made

    Steve Jobs literally hand made his career. He started off with being adopted to poor parents. Later he founded Apple with his friend Steve Wozniak, eventually Steve was overthrown from his position in apple by John Sculley atm he was the CEO of Apple. After leaving Apple Steve Jobs bought and basically remade pixar and sold it for $7.4 billion dollars to disney. Soon, he would join Apple again and become the head figure.

  • Steve jobs is a role model

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  • Without him, the world wouldn't be how it is today!

    As my headline suggests, without him,the world wouldn't be how it is today. However he is more than just a rich, yet dead, man. Yes it is true, he revolutionised the world, making it how it is today, however this is something that truly touched me in the heart. One of his many quotes were "Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
    Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful, that's what matters to me." This helped and changed the way I thoughts truly inspirational. And me being a teenager, considered as a child, have pure evidence that Steve Jobs, a revolutioniser of the world, should definitely be a role model towards all children. He had a dream, and made it happen.

  • Jobs Can Inspire

    And this is because he struggled about finding himself growing up. Steve was a simple man with complex beliefs and people thought he was insane. He ended up doing what he loved most through technology. We may read of his mistakes and wrongdoings as well, as I did in isaacsons biography of jobs, but that's what builds more of his character and if you are looking up to him, you accept the things he has done and in the end became so sucessful

  • Steve Jobs is a great role model.

    Steve has innovated the world in many ways. He is the co founder of the apple company and created one of the most popular, high tech phones in the world. He was very young when he started the incorporation. He had a very immense dream and although there were obstacles that prevented him from achieving his dream, he accomplished it. Therefore, students should look up to him because he has many characteristics that make him a great role model.

  • For Some, Yes

    I believe some people could find a role model in Steve Jobs, so I would say he has the ability to withstand the test. He's certainly not my role model, but his life has a lot of merit. Obviously his intelligence helped build an empire, but he also made mistakes in his life as well.

  • Yes he is

    Some may say that Steve Jobs is indeed a good role model due to his great success as an entrepreneur and founding the Apple inc.. He was also sort of an electronic inventor and is responsible for inventing such high-tech devices like the iphone which was one of the very first smartphones.

  • No, he isn't.

    Steve Jobs is known for his products, but he also had a few negative characteristics. He is known for tricking his partner out of money, being unclean due to his eating habits and weird beliefs, and stealing ideas to use in his own products. He also died from a completely curable cancer due to refusing medicine in favor of "natural remedies."

  • Steve Jobs- Great Role Model

    In my opinion, Steve Jobs is definitely a great role model. Having started an amazing business at such a young age, he was truly a genius. Jobs also dropped out of college because he was so confident that what he was working on would be successful. Although he passed away at an early age, Jobs was a fantastic role model for any computer student or someone who wants to be successful.

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  • Great innovator, but have to treat people better

    Too many examples of him berating and belittling his employees. Did not respect his people. He did change the world with his innovations, but it does not excuse his behavior. Overall lack of morals and ethics in his financial dealings with other companies and his own employees. So while look to him for how to innovate he is not a role model for his leadership behavior.

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