• Yes he is!

    With a considerable amount of doubt he is innocent. The blood in the truck, The continuous faults in the police investigation. The police clearly did only care about Steven and were biased. Some testimonies were also inconsistent and did not match. (Btw I truly hated the procecuter ugh what an awful man)

  • 36 million little reasons.

    The cops only had 36 million little reasons/motives to frame him. Now the state has 100+ million little reasons to keep denying a much needed appeal for Steven Avery.

    The whole system seems corrupt!

    If a man truly is guilty and the prosecutors did an airtight job, Having an appeal should only put embarrassment to the defending party.
    I have a strong feeling that the prosecutors know exactly how the appeal will end, None the less the judges who keep backing up their crooked colleagues.
    Dear prosecutors, Stop hiding behind the sob-story of Teresa Halbach, Your evident human shield and try the appeal as professionals.

  • Yes he is.

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  • Doubt and Reasonable Doubt are not the same!

    A defense teams job in a case with such overwhelming evidence stacked up against them is to get evidence; thrown out, make it untrustworthy, or make it sound confusing.
    The defense team did a get job of doing this with NEARLY every piece of evidence. However, the main piece of evidence that was the "smoking gun" was the blood in his and her car. If it would have had the presents of EDTA, there would have been reasonable doubt. No EDTA, no conspiracy, Avery is guilty.

  • Rebutting a Murderer Dan O'Donnell of WISN

    One thing I cannot get around is the recording by Dassey with his mother shortly after his arrest. She asked him how he could have done such a thing to her (Halbach) and his response was "I was afraid of him (Avery)" and claimed that Avery molested both him and a female cousin of Dassey's.

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