Is Steven Mnuchin too close to Wall Street to be a good Treasury Secretary?

  • Yes, Steven Mnuchin is too close to Wall Street to be a good Treasury Secretary.

    Yes, I believe that Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump's newly-named nominee for Treasury Secretary, is too Wall Street to have the interests of everyday Americans in mind. Not only does he have no experience in government, he is a former Goldman Sachs partner and wants to privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. These programs have helped millions of Americans realize the dream of home ownership.

  • Yes, I think so.

    This will be termed as "War on Economy". No one knows what war on drugs or war on terrorism means. Since Trump is out to run the gullible white voters down the drain, along with the rest of the nation. He will make sure that he and his team drain the country out of all the capital and leave the change for those who end up on the streets. More people are going to become homeless within the next decade, something triggered by the Trumpenomics. When cat burglars are appointed to protect the vault, guess what they do best?

  • Treasurey Secretaries often have Wall Street connections

    Steven Mnuchin is an American banker, fundraiser, and film producer. He is expected to be Donald Trump's choice for Treasury Secretary. It is not uncommon for Treasury Secretaries to come to the position with extensive experience in the private sector. It is good that he can bring that perspective to a government position.

  • He has experience.

    It is a fine line when choosing a Treasury Secretary. On the one hand, it's very important to hire someone who knows a lot about currency and finance. The welfare of the country depends on it. On the other hand, if the person has too much experience or too many connections, they look too close. He is a fine choice.

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