• Aerosmith man matures gracefully

    While it's impossible to write about Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler's new song 'Love Is Your Name' without comparing to his legend and day job, this new track is a graceful maturing of one half of the Toxic Twins of lore. Not strictly country, banjos and that familiar yearning voice help LIYN become more of an interesting offshoot of Aerosmith than anywhere near a failure.

  • Yes. Steven Tyler's new country song is good.

    Anything that Steven Tyler does is good. He is very talented he can make a living singing whatever genre of music he wants to. I believe he will lose some respect from his rock fans for going the country route but the song is still good nonetheless. He deserves a lot of respect for going this route.

  • Classic rocker trying to cross genres doesn't seem please.

    Steven Tyler. Country? What??? Yes, the Aerosmith front man has come out with a new country tune that has fans scratching their heads. Tyler is known for his hard rocking, screeching loud vocals, not a serenade that brings to mind Christian Rock entwined with Country twang. The song sounds a bit autotuned and I do realize he's trying to rediscover himself, but why not use the Blues, as in the past. Country music is not ready for Tyler and from the sound of the song, he is certainly not ready for it!

  • Steven Tyler's is not a good country singer

    Steven Tyler's is not a good country singer, and I do not like the song. Steven Tyler does not have a good voice. I think his style of singing is okay for his hard rock genre that he is used to playing in. There, screaming works just fine. But country needs a better tone range.

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