• Its awesome in so many ways

    I like all of the characters and the episodes and stuff its just a really awesome show. Its aweosme because no show has ever been like this before and the characters in this show have 5 fingers Finaly ive never seen a show do that. Steven universe is the only show on cartoon network to be created by a woman

  • The show shows more than what usual cartoons air.

    Though most aired kid's shows have the typical comedy and gags that should catch children's attention, SU also manages to capture the hearts of many others of older ages. Showing themes like loss, LGBTQ themes, and simple puppy love gets watchers hooked as the show develops a plot a lot of people have an interest in. Some might complain about 'too much gay people', but really there are only 3 I've ever seen and I'm pretty sure the show holds a theme being diversity in sexuality. Although the diversity isn't very wide as of now, the show of course still needs to focus on the plot, characters, the airing, and its target audience altogether without messing up the show

  • Yes, and not only because it is a "SJW" show.

    You may have already heard that Steven Universe is a good show because of how women are represented in it, and because it is the first cartoon on cartoon network that was made by a woman, but those definitely are not the only reason for it to be one of the best cartoon shows nowadays for me, one of the main reasons why I think of it as a good show is because of its lore and plot, while there are many filler episodes the ones that do advance the story are fantastic, the characters are not shallow like in many cartoons and they evolve as the show goes, they are not perfect, nor are they completely imperfect, they are humane, even though most of them are not humans, the songs are fantastic and they do not feel forced like in "Phineas and Ferb" that had to have them in every episode, I would give the show an 9/10, the only thing holding me from giving it a ten being how sometimes the animation is not very nice and because of the amount of filler episodes that are a lot of times not necessary.

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