Is Stormfront a Klan pro-imperialist website?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I take a Nazi site more seriously than this

    I say Stormfront users are in lalaland. It's the same pro-Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian nonsense that's been rammed down our throats since the 18th century. The people there are as relevant as Al Gore, Sr. I laugh when I see that site. The Nazis would f--k Stormfront up. Stormfront has no cojones whatsoever. Their hatred of tomboys who prefer guy friends and their hatred of autistic people makes me sick.

  • Yes stormfront has to be considered pro imperialism

    Yes Storm Front is very much a pro imperialist website. The people on the site believe that a certain race has more of a right to certain lands than any other race on Earth. This fits the definition of imperialism very well. They are working to spread the word about it.

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