• Of course it is. Marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Traditional marriage between a man and a woman has been around for thousands of years in all cultures. Gay marriage has never been accepted in any culture until recently, the last 50 years, because of political pressure, not because the politicians actually believe it is OK, just because they want the votes.
    Sex between a man and man or woman and woman is abnormal. The sexual part of a man is meant to go into the sexual part of a woman to make babies. If a man and woman don't won't babies, they practice safe sex. If a man and woman can't have a baby, they adopt. Children are meant to be raised by a man and a woman.

    The results of recent studies are revealing that children raised by gay couples are more likely to grow up with serious social development issues and are more likely to have had been sexual abuse by their gay parents.

    It does not matter that maybe some gay couples my be better than a few single parents or a few bad heterosexual parents. It is just abnormal for gays to raise children, and the potential harm is too great. Not to mention the fact, the gay men normally don't have very long enduring relationships, and few women too.

    So yes, straight normal marriages between a man and a woman is the issue at hand.

  • 50 Percent of Couples Divorce, Single Motherhood Increasing

    Straight marriage is the real issue in the United States. Fifty percent of married heterosexual couples end in divorce. The average length of a heterosexual marriage is less than seven years. Single motherhood is on the rise because men keep abandoning their women. Heterosexual marriages are the problem because they cause so much social strife and drama in America. Perhaps gay marriages are better.

  • It is but isn't

    Straight marriage is a huge issue in today's society, however it stems from other reasons and issues. The biggest of these being that more people are turning away from God. God makes it clear in scripture that marriage is to be held between a man and women, hint Adam and Eve. People have disregarded the words of God and are listening to what the world tells them is right. Many just go with the flow and don't really make an attempt to find out what's right and why. I understand many people think that God is invalid, but one day we will all bow down and our tongues will confess, and if you really really look around you will see that there surely is a God, and he loves you.

  • don't think so

    I think for Christians it is, but for me it's not. For me the problem with marriage is that government is involved in a religious institution. All of the problems that the church has with marriage could be solved if they just de-linked from the government and each church had their own marriages.

  • The real problem

    The main reason gays want same sex marriage to be legal is so they feel normal. Gays know there is something intrinsically wrong with their desires and they want same sex marriage so they can make them selves feel normal. They want to say "oh i"m legally married so i am not and should not feel like a soul less animal that gives in to sick behavior." They know marriage is sanctioned by religious values, so if
    can under mine marriage by making gay marriage legal then they can start to remove the one thing that really makes them feel terrible about them selves. That one thing is religion. They hate the fact that the bible tells them gay marriage is wrong because they know it is wrong in their hearts but will stop at nothing to practice their filthy unhuman life style

  • Straight Marriage Not Issue

    In reality, gay and straight marriage aren't really an issue. Both gay and straight couples should be allowed to marry each other without any legal barriers or discrimination. There's nothing wrong with gay individuals marrying each other. Likewise, there's nothing overly problematic with straight individuals marrying each other. All marriages can have issues, though.

  • Uhm, no it isn't?

    I think I get why the question is like this but it is still stupid. Heterosexual marriage, as a policy, isn't the issue. The real issue is how people do not appreciate marriage anymore and are willing to get a divorce at the first sign of trouble, so that is the real issue

  • Straight and Gay Marriage: It Just Doesn't Matter

    Straight marriage is not the problem. Neither is gay marriage. The purpose of marriage in our society should be to promote partnerships, relationships, love and the joining of two lives into one. Gay marriage does not destroy the sanctity of marriage when straight marriage more likely to end in divorce. People in general are not choosing acceptable and suitable mates based on compatibility and other important factors. It does not matter if the couple is straight or gay.

  • Straight marriage is not the real issue at hand.

    Straight marriage is not the real issue at hand. People do not understand gay marriage and therefore they want to act like it would be an intrusion of the straight marriage. Would your straight marriage change in anyway by allowing gay marriage? I highly doubt it as these people just want the same benefits for loving each other as you do.

  • I don't think straight marriage the real issue.

    I don't think that marriage, gay, straight, otherwise, or some combination thereof, is really not much of an issue in any way. Marriage isn't really a big deal to a lot of people, but for some reason we keep making it out to be this huge problem that must be solved.

  • No, it isn't.

    The real issue at hand is not "straight" marriage. The issue is gay advocates wanting to call a union between two people of the same sex a marriage. Marriage is by definition the legal and civil union of two people of opposite sexes, under the laws of God and man. There would be less controversy and resistance if the gay unions are simply called a civil union. They could be granted all the rights and recognition of a real marriage, but because they are different in that they are same sex, they would be known as civil unions.

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