• It is *one* of the best.

    Good actor/kid actors. Cool monster, cool little monsters, nightmare-causing Big Bad. Good plot. (Good/iffy romances). And for one, it isn't a gross cartoon like Fanboy and Chum Chum, and is the longest damn series ever like Waking Dead, which has lost my interest due to all the good guys dying and the zombies barely being relevant.

  • One of the best but not THE best

    Stranger Things is a fantastic show in its first season but I feel a show that drops in quality after only its first series (season 2 wasn't as good in my opinion) it is a sign that its not a long lasting idea, for me the best show needs ideas that you really need to think about to understand however Stranger Things is more straight forward, so for me i gotta say the best show ever is South Park

  • Nah Not Really

    It's ok. Personally, I got a lot more fun out of Fanboy and Chum Chum. Don't ask me why. Besides that, shows like ATLA and Walking Dead (only the first episode, heh) had me on the edge of my seat. Im not saying that Stranger Things is a bad show. Far from it. It's not the second coming of Christ though, either.

  • No, it has some issues.

    I love ST but it's not the best show on earth and has stumbled in some places *cough* s2 ep7 *cough* I disliked how they shoved in a pointless cliche feud between Eleven and Max over Mike, which is entirely based on a misunderstanding. For a show that goes out of it's way to subvert tropes that was a huge miscalculation in my opinion.

    I personally think game of thrones is the best tv series of all time.

  • I am afraid not

    It doesn't have - Dinosaurs, laser guns, a character with an eye patch, gizmo, a shower scene, a super evil russian villain, a cool dance number, tom cruise, sharks, zombies, a crime fighting robot or meryl streep.

    It is probably the second best TV show ever... After the walking dead.

  • Overrated as hell

    Good for a Netflix show, but it is not even close to the best and never will be. My main reason because of things like (sigh) Rick and Morty (which I personally do not like), death note, laid back camp, game of thrones, FMA, ATLB and most importantly Shrek which is not ogrerated at all.

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