• That's just my opinion, if you can't respect it, don't readi t

    To me, SF is much better than MK. I like it more than MK and i enjoyed SF games. Alpha 3 was cool but 3rd Strike was pretty amazing. Zero 3 for MAME had more graphics but, Alpha 3 GBA had more things. By the way, graphics don't make good game.

  • In terms of gameplay and the addictive learning curve. Yes

    I would never down the fighter that created juggles and fatalities but street fighter is the reason that I even know how too set my opponent up for stuff like that. I learned how to beat Goro and Shao Khan from fighting Akuma. My Liu Kang fireball and bicycle kick pressure comes from learning fireball pressure and anti air Shoto techniques and playing Guile's cheap but acceptable(because he is guile and he can do no wrong and his stage music goes with everything!) turtle style. I can defend against and open up zoners before I even know they're trying to zone me out. This is just a little bit of what one can learn when playing this game and it's only one of the reasons why its better than MK. I have many more reasons but right now this reason is my favorite because I'm having an epiphany of sorts when it comes to playing and beating grapplers. I'm still free to air grabs though so...... My Ryu should file a restraining order against Hugo I swear

  • Street fighter characters are not better!

    I prefer mortal kombat characters over street fighter characters, I prefer female characters from mortal kombat over male characters from street fighter, I prefer sonya over ryu, I prefer kitana over guile, I prefer jade over balrog, I prefer mileena over sagat, And i prefer kitana over m bison and i prefer mortal kombat over street fighter.

  • No way ever

    Sf is in no way better than mk first mk has more styles in clothing and fighting second mk has fatalities and brutalities which make winning so much more acceptable then just winning with knocking out the character sf and mk has a story line but mk is better. Plus mk has more characters than sf. Yes sf came first but mk was delayed because of bankruptcy so they had to get money and start all over

  • NO WAY! That is the dumbest thing Ive ever heard.

    When the 1st MK came out in arcades. It swayed the majority of fighting game players to the good side, Mortal Kombat. SF2 waws the best in that series. When MK2 came out, it improved in almost every way possible. If MK1 could beat SF2, MK2 would make Street Fighter and their lame fighters (compared to MK) Hara Kiri themselves. The characters are cooler also.

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