Is String Theory a Viable Solution to the Unification of Physics?

Asked by: regtic
  • Information Theory is Vital

    I personally an in favor of string theory, simply because string theory states (indirectly) that the universe is built on a backbone of information (because that is what super-strings are). I am a Christian, and string theory really supports the existence of God, because of its reliance on information. Information can only be created by something that has the ability to create information, or something abstract, like the human mind, or maybe the mind of God. Information cannot, however be created by something concrete, because concrete things always turn out the same way. For example, anyone who has taken high school chemistry knows that when you mix ammonia and bleach results in the very deadly gas form of hydrochloric acid. Every time. There are no ifs, ands, or buts, because chemistry is a concrete science that ALWAYS results in experiments that are repeatable. That being said, through string theory, for God to be able to create the universe, all he needed to do was make a channel of information from what he has designed, to what exists in our reality. Super-strings are a very powerful means for conveying information into matter and energy, because they are completely based off of information. So, to all the people who think God couldn't have just spoken and made everything exist, think again!

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  • Falsifiability is vital.

    String theory is simply not a viable unification of physics. It's arguably not even a viable scientific theory anymore. At first, string theory had some hopes, even with the 10 dimensions and supersymmetry, there was hopes with M-theory that there could be a background-independent, non-perturbative theory that made some unique, falsifiable predictions. Years later, we're here with no evidence whatsoever for supersymmetry, extra dimensions, or anything. M-theory is still just an idea in the minds of a few string theorists, and most are falling back on the idea of the string landscape. This pushes string theory beyond all hope, since all potential predictions of string theory would be dependent on the given background, and the string landscape says essentially all backgrounds exist in the multiverse. Any results we get from experimentation can be claimed as evidence for string theory and any falsifications only eliminate one of the 10^500 vacua in the string landscape. String theory is beyond hope.

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