• Yes It Is

    From pseudoscience to the most factual or theoretic phenomenon, String Theory not only proves that through constant testing you may gain consistent results thus proving a hypotheses. And even so if you test the methods to disprove string theory the results you may end up with are thus proven with string theory leaving you with a redundant result with illogical circumstance

  • Yes It is

    It is true becuase it is compatible with our observation of our space and time. String theory is under construction and it will need more time to actually prove it completely right but there is a hhuge chance that string theory will be right. Only time can confirm its truth

  • I believe so!

    The string theory is correct because a theory is using the scientific method over and over again to receive the same result. Most people look at a theory as a hypothesis, but a theory has been proved time and time again. A person can either agree or disagree with the String Theory, but science is proof that it is true!

  • String theory? More like string religion

    The universe is comprised of tiny strings so small that you can't see them. So small that they can't be detected. And, by the way, this means that there are a whole bunch of other dimensions. How can we prove any of this? We can't. You just have to take it on faith.

    Call it a theory if you want to, but I know a religion when I see one.

  • No, it's not that simple.

    String theory is more than a yes, or no answer which is why it is still considered "theory." It is possible to be true, but it is just one type of scientific method that has been tried out. There are other methods that can disprove string theory as well. Only time will tell.

  • Maybe not true

    This really can't be answered with a mere yes or no at this juncture, because there isn't a yes or no answer. String theory is possible and does have some of the math to back it. It just hasn't been proved by observation yet. So, the really answer is that it's possibly true, but there's not enough evidence.

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