• Yes, Stuart Scott is absolutely a legend.

    Just about anyone with even a passing familiarity with sports journalism over the past two decades surely knows who Stuart Scott is, or at least would recognize him if they saw him. As so many have pointed out over the last 24 hours, he coined numerous immortal catch-phrases that will live on for a long time to come.

  • He's no legend

    Stuart Scott is not a legend precisely because he's not famous enough to be a legend. He's not a huge household name and his achievements are honestly not that great. It takes a lot more to be a legend than to do what he has done in his career and life.

  • No He Is Not

    Stuart Scott is not a legend as there are plenty of people who have no idea who this person even is. The world is large and it takes a lot of media to become a legend, a lot of publicity. Not very many people make it to a point where they can be called a legend.

  • Legend Is a Very Strong Word

    Stuart Scott brought a different voice and different perspective to ESPN and sports highlights in particular. There are many current sports journalists who were inspired to see an African-American man succeed at his level. At its base, however, he was a sports reporter. It is hard to describe any sports reporter as a legend or as legendary for any reason.

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