• Student Debt is Fool's Gold

    Thanks to the current state of the economy, student debt is absolutely fool's gold. Many students are finding themselves in immense amounts of debt without any reward even after they acquire their degree. For that reason, students should start seeking out cheaper alternatives and even completely different options than college.

  • A false promise

    Teenagers have been sold on college. Even toddlers have been sold on college. People consider it as a foregone conclusion. College degrees lead to higher paying jobs on average; average, here, is key. Rather than working hard to a degree right out of high school, people who work first in a trade or labor, save up, and pay for non-$50,000/year schools will get a degree without $200,000 in high interest debt.

  • Student debt is good.

    It is a good idea for many people to go into debt to pay for their college education. Many people do not have enough money to pay for college when they start. If they get a college education, they will have a greater potential to earn more money in the future.

  • Question makes no sense

    This question is poorly worded by the truth is that, in many cases, young people today should not be going to college. People believe that, once they enter college and major in something they love, everything will work out, while in reality, many should not be there in the first place, and those majors don't lead to many open jobs.

  • Student debt is not fool's gold.

    In today's world there is nothing more important than a college education to prepare studetns for a career. Although tuition is expensive and most students end up going into debt, this price is worth it. People can earn a lot more money later in their lives in they have graduated from a university or college.

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