• Yes, student debt is very hard to get rid of

    Student debt is difficult to remove because people go to college to obtain a job with very good pay. Most people do not end up getting these jobs and are left working jobs that they would normally have without college education. Also, many companies require experience that is impossible for a recent graduate will have and as a result will leave graduates out of a job.

  • Student Debt is a killer

    I have friends who are still paying off student debt 20 years after the accrued it. The lenders should take the responsibility of making sure the student understands the implication of the debt load they are taking on. There are too many students taking out huge loans to pay for careers whos renumeration simply does not support the speeding payback of the loan.

  • Yes, it is hard

    As a parent and someone who has student debt it is very hard. You want a education to try to improve yourself but you still have all of your regular bills also. College is getting more and more expensive and harder and harder for people to pay off. Most people will pay on it for the rest of their lives.

  • Only if your stupid with it

    If your wise than you don't have to worry. First off just try to look good when you go to interviews for good jobs which will pay you enough money to pay back your university. That will help get you hired. As bad as it sounds it's true. They like good looks. If your trying to get a job in an artistic endeavor...Start it off as a hobby. If it gets big you dedicate your life to it. But if you start off with just that then you won't have a enough money to pay back you debt. Once you get a job spend most of your time doing that job. There are a lot more good tips but those are the three big ones in my opinion. Bye ;)

  • Student debt is not hard to get rid of.

    Student debt is easy to get rid of provided they are Federal loans, which are low-interest. The majority of student loans are Federal. Even if the loan balance is high -- say $70,000, low interest and the new loan payoff programs by the government, make getting rid of the debt much easier.

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