Is student democracy essential for a successful school?

  • Yes, student democracy promotes an interactive education and incorprates students' in their education by using their feedback to progress the educational process.

    Student democracy teaches by using a hands-on approach, which gives students the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills in an active and positive way. Student democracy also benefits the school system by providing ample feedback from the students concerning the efficacy of the educational process that they are involved in. Students actively engage in discourse in the venues, showing them the importance of the democratic dialectical method by instilling respect for the larger concepts involved in governance and debate.

  • Student democracy is a sham

    Student democracy can be completely nullified at the whims of school administration, and in many places largely serves a role similar to a kangaroo court or rubber stamp parliament. Student democratic actions that end up going from suggestion to passage are largely either measures the administration approves of or measures that are largely inconsequential

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