Is Students Should Have Computer in Their Class?

Asked by: fairuzlpb
  • Computers is important

    I function about a thousand times better when I can type notes and assignments and study online, and many of my generation feel the same. It's the way things are going, and we should stop trying to fight it. The computers can be regulated via a network website blocker and the kids can be watched. It's not a big deal to type notes, and trust me, when I was a kid I always wanted to learn things electronically - as that was far easier to retain - ie: Bill Nye was always better than reading a book or listening to my teacher blather on and on.

    Adapt to how kids are functioning and how they learn. In ten years this won't be an issue - I guarantee it.

    PS: Grammar is matters.

  • Kids see, kids do.

    In my opinion kids should never be allowed near technology in general for long periods of time. They should try to learn and see the world with out getting in toned into technology that will suck their brain up .. Yes it will make them smarter in areas, but at the same time they will also lose the knowledge of understanding the basic interactions between humans. As I look at todays world and the kids you have kids that have cell phones which are pretty much mini computers and those kids are not even 10 years old you have 4 and 5 of them sitting next to each other and playing with phones. They are losing eye contact, confident in their skills of communicating with other human beings.

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