• Being on campus also gives you the opportunity to speak to your lecturers and tutors face-to-face.

    Through attending lectures, Classes and workshops, You get to learn ‘in the flesh’ by interacting with your teachers, Fellow students and practical materials. It can be easy to stay motivated in this way, Rather than having to motivate yourself on your own. Being on campus also means you have the advantage of getting ‘out and about’ so that you can learn and study. If you’re the type that finds it difficult to get motivated or study distraction-free at home, An on-campus style of learning might be ideal.

  • Yes, it is.

    Studying online lets you learn without having to worry about your classmates interfering with you. It gives you a peaceful quiet place to study. In fact it could be argued that studying online is better than studying in the classroom. Studying online also gives you quick access to resources that can enhance the overall learning experience.

  • When done properly

    There are a lot more distractions online so it's easy to steer away from studying and waste your time upon other things, but if it's used properly the internet is a fantastic resource that can teach as well if not better than in a classroom. The matter is, again, if the student actually uses it to try to learn.

  • Studying face-to-face makes you understand more easily.

    I'm a high school student, and In the classroom, I have found that teachers can explain what you're learning more accurately without you having to spend a long time searching and not being sure about what you've found. Furthermore, some websites give visitors incorrect information because they allow anyone to add and edit this information. Teachers can be more direct and accurate sources of information.

  • There's a difference between studying in class and learning online.

    Learning and studying in school is an experience. We all have different ways of learning and taking in knowledge, but studying in school is something that is timeless and cannot be reciprocated by sitting in front of a computer.

    Being in a physical school is something of its own already. Interacting with professors and teachers as well as students is essential to human growth and learning. Interaction and socializing is a form of education and cannot be mimicked through flashing lights and screens.

  • No, studying online is not as good as in class.

    Studying online does not have the same result as face to face interaction. It is harder to be engaged when studying online. It is also easier to engage in distractions as nobody can watch and see that you are becoming distracted. Studying in class allows other participants to reinforce good studying behavior.

  • Studying online is not as good as studying in class.

    It is not possible to learn as much from the Internet as in a real classroom. In a real classroom environment, the teacher can interact with students and can measure their understanding. Classes conducted online with cameras are not as personal, and it is too easy for students to get distracted.

  • It has its place but it's not the same.

    Studying online is very beneficial because it allows busy people to fit in learning when they can and promote their education on their own terms. With that being said, it is not the same as studying in a class where you can get immediate feedback and can interact with other students.

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