• Yes, Particle Collision is Safe

    Particle Collision has been deemed safe by two separate studies, one in 2003 and the other in 2008. Additionally the studies have concluded that what happens in particle collision happens naturally in the universe without dangerous consequences, and ultra high energy cosmic rays impact the Earth with much greater force than any man made collider.

  • It Is Safe

    I believe scientific studies can be dangerous, but that doesn't diminish their important aspects. Studying particle collision is important to understand more about how our world operates. I think it is safe to study these collisions, to a certain degree, and I think we benefit from these studies. We have to push the limits to learn more.

  • Studying particle collision

    Studying particle collision can be very dangerous. You mush take proper precaution with those around you when tempting to make any type of observation. Follow closely all the rules to making the area around you safe and do not go into it just looking for an outcome without protecting your safety first.

  • Things can go wrong.

    No, studying particle collision is not safe, because we do not know of all of the reactions that sub-atomic particles can have when they collide. Studying particles is a good thing to do however. By studying particle collision, we can find ways to make it safe and advance the future of science.

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