• Success is more important

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  • Success is better

    See it urself man. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bye ppl

  • Success is the cause of each and every emotion or state, Including happiness

    Many believe that happiness is more important than success. Ancient philosophers believe that without virtue, Success cannot be obtained. Buddhism is of the view that meditation is the true cause for happiness. But in all these cases, To achieve happiness, One must succeed at being truly virtuous, Truly meditating and being calm and peaceful or achieving a goal, Which however would only bring contentment.

  • Success is more important than success.

    The researched definition of success is accomplishing a desired aim or result so that actually doesn’t mean you have to be wealthy to be a successful person. Some people may only have a aim to be a good friend our a good person. You can't be happy with out success

  • Success means something which you want all by your heart

    The more successful u r in wat u really want to do in yor life the more happy u will be.If u accomplish yor goal to be successful that means u will be happy as u can have all u need and want.If u succeed in anything then u r the happiest person in the world.

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    When you are succesful you can be happy . Reason number 1
    you can have all you need and want . 2 yuo can be famous
    and be a model to kids to be succesful. So do you think succes is more important than happiness . So please state your opinion

  • Why success rules

    Success is the best option because when you are successful then you feel complete and it will help you reach goals like buying a car/house. We need success to help us survive because without success how can we feed,clothe, and give ourselves shelter. ITs just sad when a 6th grader can understand this stuff. You all suck that said no!!!!!! AND THATS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

  • Success is indeed better than Happiness

    Personally, I believe that there is no limit between happiness and success. It's usually around us but it's important whether we can realize it or not. Some people think happiness is more important than success, while others feel you can’t truly be happy unless you are successful.
    In my opinion, one can’t be happy without being successful, as success is the true path way to happiness.

  • Success is truly better

    Success is your first goal in life. You can't be happy without achieving anything happiness is just an emotion that's temporary. Emotions cange a lot & it's always dependent on the amount of success if you succeed at something you are the happiest person on the earth . Just emaine for a while if you are from a poor family & if you will get to eat or not .To sum up I would say SUCCESS is DEFINATELY more important than happiness

  • Importance of happiness

    Had ever any body read a poem miller of the it tell us than the miller was happier than king because the miller was not rich but he was happy while the king had every thing but he was not happy cause he had a lot of worries this poem gives us the message that success is not more important than happiness

  • Success is not better than happiness.

    In a sense, success is directly dependent upon happiness. Can one attain true success if they are not happy? Sure, in some instances you can measure "success" in the context of financial success, or success in achieving one's life goals. However, most would agree that without first attaining happiness and content, they are not essentially successful...yet.

  • Happiness Is Powerful Than Success

    Happiness is the only thing that lays in the PRESENT never in the past or in the present. Some people may be famous but they are lonely inside. Also happiness has a factor called contentment which disappears when you seek success. So Happiness Is Happiness.
    Thanks For Reading
    By Team Debate.Org

  • This is just my opinion but....

    How is someone gonna be successful if they don't enjoy their job? Happiness is needed because only then they will work hard while having fun.Oh ang btw 85% of successful people are sad and stressed. Why? Cuz they don't enjoy their job and have no passion for it. That's why I'm totally against this topic. Well this is just my opinion

  • This is a trick question.

    When you succeed at something then you are most likely to happy that you have succeeded. So there isn't what's better because you can not have one without the other.If you are successful then you are happy if your happy then your succeeding at happiness.
    This is just my opinion.

  • Success is not better than happiness

    Success does not always mean happiness and happiness does not always mean success. I personally see a happy person as the best type of success. Also what some see as un-successful, might be the total opposite for another person. But in general success will never out weigh happiness. Where is the lie?

  • Happiness is what you need to depend on.

    If your successful, your gonna make money. Everyone loves money, but how can you actually be proud of yourself if your not happy? Happiness, can bring you far places, you just have to know how to control both. So don't get to caught up in success, you might regret it.

  • Happiness is better than success

    Happiness is better than success because you can never achieve happiness unless you are happy . So this is my actual opinion . Please reply for it so I can improve . So guys always be happy , no matter what , understand ? Hope everybody agrees with me ?

  • Happiness is better than Success

    My personal opinion is that happiness is better than success. My personal reasoning for this is that even if someone accomplishes something, if that person does not get happiness out of it then they will feel something missing. As such, success may happen when seeking happiness, but in the end happiness is what the person is seeking.

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