• Morality is perception

    Success can mean many things, and regardless of what it means on this post, I can tell you it is more important than morality. One weakness humans have is to feel guilt and be unhappy because of an "immoral" decision. What if I were to tell you morals were created by the weak to chip at the strings dominance. The important thing is to be happy, and if you are happy regardless of others seeing you to be without morals then you are a strong being. Im not saying screw everyone else to get what you want, but don't hold yourself back to pick others up unless you love them.

  • Er we are talking about success

    Who cares about morals if you fail in the end. It is better to have succeeded without morals than to have failed with morals. Like the testing of drugs on animals, it falls into a moral grey area yet because of this tests to determine whether a drug works, lives are saved. If because of morals we don't do this and people die, what is the point.

  • Although morals are extremely valuable, success is necessary.

    Success is difficult to define in part due to the fact that it is subject to personal opinion. I might see success as achieving 50% of my goal where as others might see success as achieving 100% of their goal... i.e. Schools base success on achieving 50%.
    Morals again on the other hand are also very hard to define. Although some morals transcend human nature like it is morally wrong to beat a child or animal. However, some morals vary from person to person. A good example of this is seen historically in our most recent major catastrophe WW2. During the war, many hundred of thousands of people knew of the genocide.
    To the point, there is a balance between success and morals. To achieve your idea of success, you must work towards it, and working towards a goal may blind judgement. However, success and motive are necessary to continuing living. Living where there is no success and no motive is not living at all. Therefore in conclusion, success is necessary to living and sometimes morals get mixed up or simply forgotten.

  • It's always a balance, but yes

    Somebody with success has most of what they want, somebody that stayed true to their values may well have only those. I think morality has its place and should be something somebody tries to possess, but when pressed to concede either success or morals, in most cases I pick success. There are exceptions, some things are too morally unacceptable to be worth success, but in many cases it's a worthwhile investment.

  • Success is great but it must happen without trampling on other people's aspirations and dreams.

    Success is great to be achieved but we need to live and let live. Being moral would be of great virtue and having scruples and conscience would help them in the long run. Say, you destroy some people on the verge of becoming successful and find yourself stranded on the street. What if this guy is the one to help you out? We never know.

  • Moral Values as Hurdles of Success

    If moral values are hurdles of your success then you should not abandon your moral values just for your success, for an example you are getting a job as a hotel attendant but the condition is that you will have to falsely praise the hotel. Then you must chose the other way and try to find a job in the other hotel.

  • Success without Value?

    The Immortal Mind blinked from a dream of Nothing. Awakening in essence at the Dawn of time giving witness to Nature's success and eternal explication... One Universal Omniscience is the inalienable birthright and inherited awareness in All Individual and Collective Consciousness. Core Value(s) are inherited 'Realities' or learned 'Moralities' integral in every Individual behavior and responsible for every Collective endeavor toward achievement and success.
    The will to succeed is defined by value.
    Value, therefore, is the definition of success.

  • Success is important but staying true to who you are is more valuable.

    Just about everybody has had a dream to be rich at one point in their lives but what if you lost yourself and all that you believe in trying to achieve it? Yes money can assure you have every physical need met but it is not worth losing grasp on what you truly believe in. Money and success do not mean anything if you lose yourself in the process.

  • Sucess is not more important than moral values.

    Success can never be thought of as more important than moral values.The journey is actually more important than the destination and if no ethics were involved in the journey then the destination has no value at all.A person has to feel good about how they achieved their success in order to feel good about it.

  • Success is not more important than moral values

    Success is not more important than moral values because usually having moral values leads to being successful. Being successful at the cost of others or illegally can come chasing down on someone. Without moral values, a person cannot be truly happy in the society we live in today. That person will not have any true relationships, which leads to an unhappy life.

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