• Sufis: One Love

    Sufism is the spirit of Islam and therefore it aims at Knowledge of God. In order to know God one has to embrace the signs of God in the universe which includes all people and races. This openness leads to a unified understanding of the world and also acceptance of God's Compassion and Mercy that flows through all of creation.

  • Tolerance, coexistence and peace

    Every insightful person of the world would agree that ultimate solution to the multifaceted terrorism is in preaching tolerance, nonviolence, brotherhood, equality and love and such are social attributes which sufism is based on. Sufism makes the reverence obligatory, for the constructive religious, ideological, national and social norms. Since many years, the world has been enduring diverse forms of terrorism, oppression and brutal wars..... Therefore, i consider that sufism is great counter of extremism... Am i right?

  • No, not across the board

    The idea that Sufism is the solution for extremism is based on a few mistakes in reasoning. Firstly, only some denominations of Sufis believe in the message of peace. Others are some of the most extreme people in the world. As an example, the Taliban ascribe to Dheobandi Sufism, and are Sufis. Secondly, those who do believe in peace do not believe it any more than countless other Muslim sects. In this respect, one could argue that Salafism is also a solution for extremism.

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