• Sugar is linked to cancer and considered now carcinogenic

    Sugar is not only 8x more addictive than cocaine, but is linked to diabetes, obesity, cancer, tooth decay and brain disorders. Because of its addictive properties, food companies will continue to use it. The gov't won't stop it, they collect too much revenue in the form of consumption, and the resulting medical problems.

  • Sugar is not the most toxic substance of our time.

    Sugar may rot your teeth, but it is not necessarily bad for
    you as long as it is used in moderation.
    It is surely not the most toxic substance of our time. There are many substances that are far more
    toxic than sugar. Take arsenic for
    example. Even nicotine is far more toxic
    than sugar. I like sugar.

  • R U Kidding me?

    Toxic substances are defined by the USEPA as those that cause 1) death, 2) birth defects 3) lessened fertility or 4) increased infant mortality. Sugar has not been shown to exhibit any of those effects. I know that sugar is being demonized in popular culture, but are you aware that without "sugar" the human body would lapse into a coma. Perhaps toxic is not the word to use?

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