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    The effect of the whole passage is to make the audience consider what the meaning of "cowardice" is. Is it brave to kill oneself or to stay alive?
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  • Yes, it is a cowardly act.

    People suicide because they are not enough brave for fighting with their problems. Instead fighting with their problems they commit suicide.
    There are also a lot of options except suicide like consulting someone, medication and many more. People who think that killing themselves is the solution of problem are not mentally fit.

  • Yes it is

    Everyone will at some point go hrough struggles, some even worse struggle than people who commit suicide. Nothing lasts forever and if you kill yourself that's just a cowardly act and I feel no sympathy.

    Especially people with children, parents,siblings and good friends. Imagine their pain and suffering? It's just a careless, heartless and pathetic action to take.

  • There are other options.

    I strongly believe that suicide is a cowardly act and is not necessary. After someone from my school committed suicide a few years ago, I have put a lot of thought into this. Clearly, it is sad when someone kills themselves. However, it is not always necessary I believe. There are many options for struggling youth and adults and often times, there are ways out whatever problems people are facing. However, after looking at a lot of articles and such, it seems as if many people don't want to and just take suicide as an easy option out of their issues. Rather than committing suicide, some people could fix their problems and find a way to be happy. The people I knew that killed themselves were unhappy with their position but told people that they had no desire to fix it, and there is where the problem lies. They were to cowardly to fix their problems.

  • The strong survive

    There are other options, like medication, counseling, street drugs or kill someone else if it makes you feel better. Even if you have a terminal disease there is no excuse to take your own life, you could go to another country and be a human guinea pig for the cure. Die for a purpose.

  • Being a coward is equivalent to being a fearful person.

    99.9% of suicides comes from people trying to escape from something out of fear. A lot of negative things humans do to one another comes from a state of fear. As "Astal3" argument was stressing, the situation makes a big difference. If suicide was a cowardly act then we must agree that all soldiers or anyone sacrificing themselves are cowards.
    Now if self suicide is a cowardly act, then so is drinking, drugs, smoking or anything else that someone would do to escape from their problems. If you don't agree to my last statement, please reply telling me why, because I'm curious to how well that statement can stand.

    Posted by: knu
  • I'm goin to play the devil's advocate

    There are many instances where suicide could be considered cowardly. But there are situations where its not so clear. If I had only one bullet left in a gun and zombies are closin in I'd rather eat the bullet than get eaten alive by a bunch of douchebag zombies. Just saying they could eat grass or something. Like theyd really care

  • Of course not:

    A person's choice and conviction to die is not generally a whimsical matter. While it may come with no warnings (http://www.Health.Harvard.Edu/blog/suicide-often-not-preceded-by-warnings-201209245331) it is not always without warnings or signs or symptoms to look out for (http://www.Nlm.Nih.Gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001554.Htm) and being aware of these things can save lives. When you say "Die for a purpose."

    They are. Their own.

  • Correct me if i am wrong plss...

    Suicide cannot be said as a cowardly act as it need a lot of courage and guts to kill yourself.
    But the "reasons" why it is done makes it a "cowardly act" or "brave act".
    Means if u r giving your life to save another life then it is called a "brave act".
    And when u r giving your life only because u r not ready or afraid to accept the failures and other negative aspects of ur society then it is a "cowardly act".
    Plss correct meif i am wrong...No offense (if someone don't like it)

  • No, definitely not.

    This act is NOT cowardly. What is cowardly is telling someone to go kill themselves, behind a computer screen or in person. You don;t tell someone to go kill themselves. Some people are seriously depressed and feel like the only way IS to kill themselves. It's not the cowardly way out, they think its the right way out.

  • Who can know the other's feelings?

    Even more now, after Robin Williams' suicide, it is clear to me that what makes someone take such decision can be much stronger than most of us can imagine. Money, a good house, good doctors, fame, fans, the possibility of living wherever you want, and so on, nothing of it prevented Robin Williams' death. Many would say that it was caused by his problems with alcohol and cocaine, but I think that, on the contrary, he used these drugs as an attempt to repress the strong feelings that led him to this end.

  • It is sheer desperation.

    If it were a cowardly act, militaries (incl. Our own) wouldn't hand-out cyanide capsules to servicemen on dangerous missions & tell them to use it if necessary. Yet, it's been done for decades. Those who are sick, i.e. Depression, are struggling to cope. They are desperate to have their life return to normal. They see therapists. They take medications. They exhaust themselves, in the process. Still, their life is out--of-control. When they commit suicide, they are embracing the opportunity to regain control even if it means through death.

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