• It's a problem everywhere

    America is not the most suicide prone country in the world or even the second,but there still a big problem with suicide. I think one suicide is one too many, but when we talk hundreds or even thousands then it's a major concern. I believe suicide is the main cause of death in young people under the age of 25 in the western world according to a stat I read.

    It'd something we need to educate, and spend money on (both UK, USA, and everywhere else) so that support is universally available and that mental health is not stigmatised - especially so in males.

  • Suicide: A desensitized nation

    To answer the question yes Suicide is a major problem as it has ALWAYS been in America. The big difference is that we are so desensitized by school shootings and the constant robotic drone of the media spokespeople that Suicide and School Shootings and horrible things happening all around us are treated as just another day in the news. Unfortunate.

  • Not just the u.S

    The other team may argue its simply the victims fault, but what if it was you who was in that situation. You'd want a lot of help? You'd want people to notice you and help you. How dare people on the other side say life is just not with living for. You have to take life as an opportunity and help others who need this help. These suiciders are often in danger because of whats going on to them, now and if america, in fact, NOT just the U.S. Its every one, worldwide. This is a really big problem, and people should speak up. Dissapointed..

  • The rigid American culture makes it a problem.

    Although it's a major worldwide problem, it does impact the United States particularly hard. Our culture is not very forgiving of people who are different, considers people who are depressed just in need of a little backbone and a smile, and treats major mental illness like psychosis where people are a danger to themselves only after something severe has happened. With that blend of toxic self help and willful ignorance, no wonder Americans are killing themselves in record numbers.

  • Suicide is a major problem in the United States.

    Suicide is a major problem in the United States. Suicide is just scratching the surface of an even larger problem the the United States has- we ignore many people that are mentally ill and refuse to give them any help. If we helped out the mentally ill, many people would still be alive today.

  • All life is precious, therefore it is a problem.

    Every life that is taken away by suicide is precious. Therefore, all forms of bullying and violence must be prevented and taken care of. This nation is slowly being torn by violence, drugs, and bullying. We must do everything in our power to prevent this bigotry and injustice. I could write an essay about this right now and right here, but I believe I have made my point.

  • One death is one too many

    When one dies it is a tragedy, when one million die it is a statistic" If one person every decade feels they need to kill them self due to US life, This is a major problem.

    Especially considering the deaths usually down to suicide are due to problems easily solved, if the government cannot fight a problem easily solved, why should I trust them with the way I live?

  • It is never a problem

    Suicide is awful we can agree on that, it is sad thinking that someone have gotten to an emotional point that he can no longer live. But suicide is not a national problem, it is a family/friends problem but a country worrying about people killing themselves is not going to work, suicide helps reduce population which for USA it could actually help. They should worry about other things that are more important.

  • Not a problem

    When one has lived through so much pain that they decide to no longer live, that is terrible. However, it is not the government's job to fix these problems. It is the communities, parents, friends, etc problem. Yes, many of the reasons are easily solved, so why does the government have to waste its time and money to fix them when we can?

  • A person deciding that his/her life is not worth living is not necessarily a problem

    Sometimes, life simply isn't worth living. Life is predominately suffering for most people, grinding through things that are annoying, awful and just generally bad. Sure, people should have access to help and understand that there may be a better way, but if they decide it is not worth the struggle, then it is their decision and should be respected. It is similar to how people to choose certain professions and partners in life -- you are encouraged to seek both, but you are not obliged to pick either.

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