• Suicide is selfish

    Suicidal people complain all the time about wanting to be loved, when they don't even try to open their hearts to others. Most say,"I want to be loved." Or,"I am not loved." There is someone who will miss you, and those who are suicidal don't seem to even try, they say they have given up without even trying. They want to end their life because of their feelings, it just brings others around them down, more than you can even imagine, if you are suicidal and reading this, you need to realize you are basically finding a permanent solution to a temporary problem, a permanent decision that can affect your family, few friends, even people across the country if you decide to end your life. I'm not saying you should stay sad for your family, I'm saying you should stop being selfish and open your heart.

  • A Very Selfish Act

    Yes, suicide is a very selfish act. Suicide ends the problems and troubles for the person committing it. Suicide opens a ton of issues and problems for the loved ones left behind who have to live with many disturbing emotions. The person who committed suicide was so intent on ending his or her life, that they never gave a thought to what their family members would go through for years after they were gone. The loved ones who are left behind never get over the trauma caused by having a suicide in the family – they live with it for the rest of their lives.

  • The definition of things

    Most of the arguements on the other side seem to talk about how it is not the persons fault that they are depressed, it's other people's fault for making them want to. They are saying they have a justified reason. But just because it's justified, doesn't make it unselfish.
    1. Devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.

    Suicide is definitely a selfish act because the concerns of oneself are the only things being regarded. No one, or maybe just a handful at most of people wished they would die.

    Also, to those saying that calling sulfide selfish is counter productive and harmful, while that may be, that isn't a reason why it isn't selfish, because it is.

  • It's about collateral damage.

    The sense of isolation felt by suicidal people is an illusion. Even Tom Hanks had Wilson. Killing yourself has an emotional, social, philosophical, financial, temporal, physical, critical impact on every sphere of association you're involved in from the intimate to the mundane. The suffering you're experiencing now could never amount to suffering you cause by committing suicide. Not seeing that is inherently selfish.
    The idea that other people can make you commit suicide is obscene. Bullying/abuse is a problem, but isn't the cause of most suicides. Untreated mental illness is. Suicide literally means killing YOURSELF.
    Do you have a right to do with your own body what you so please? Absolutely. Do you also have an equally important responsibility to yourself and others to not kill yourself. Your god-dammed right you do.

  • Suicide is selfish.

    Everyone in this world has at least one person that truly loves and cares about them. And if you decide to leave I believe that's selfish because your life may be over but that be person who loved you will be sad for the rest of their life. How would you like to die knowing that you caused another human being sadness and sorrow? And even if you think killing yourself is the best choice, it's not. It doesn't help a thing. The person who led you to end your life will still be a jerk. So I believe instead of killing yourself and going to hell you should stand up and fight.

  • A Permanent Solution to a Short Problem

    Saying suicide isn't selfish is almost selfish in itself. The definition of suicide is acting out of one's self and only one's self. I know that Depression is a terrible thing that affects many, but that does not mean that you still aren't being selfish when you commit suicide. You're thinking only for yourself, and that is selfish.

  • Yes, suicide is a selish act

    Someone who takes their own life for no other reason than they just don't want to live anymore is selfish. If the person is sick and dying that would make sense but there is no reason to take your life to avoid current situations. That is going to leave someone, somewhere missing that person.

    Posted by: jus
  • What about those who are left behind?

    Suicide is selfish because the person is only thinking of himself when he or she commits suicide. But he doesn't think of those who are going to be left behind to bear the grief of losing one of their loved ones. Many people say its a mental illness, but that's not true its the person

  • Understandable but selfish

    As someone who has both attempted suicide and had someone close to them attempt, I can see through both sides. I can understand feeling there is no other choice, feeling that death is better and even feeling that your loved ones would be better off without you. But I can also say that mental health problems make you incredibly self-absorbed (and I mean that in a non-value laden way, you literally become caught up in your own head and your own world and there is less space for others). And we live in a society with others who are affected by our actions. And we always have a choice, I have sat in my bedroom feeling suicidal and I have overdosed. I have sat in my bedroom feeling just as suicidal and stayed up all night having panic attacks and NOT overdosed because after experiencing an attempt by a loved one I knew I could never put anyone through that again. However you kill yourself you will traumatise those around you and leave them in a horrible place for quite possibly the rest of your life. The Train or car driver who hits you. The passerby you land next to after jumping. Whoever finds you blood or vomit stained and dead. And everyone who has tried to help you will spend their whole life wondering what they did wrong, sure that if they'd just done one thing they might have saved you.

    A selfish act is one done for your own benefit at the expense of others. Suicide clearly falls into this category, you 'relieve' your own suffering, at the expense of intense suffering to all those around you.

  • Please don't put others in peril!

    Foresthill Bridge, CA. When someone opts to "jump", the main bridge which is safe connecting the community of Foresthill to Auburn is closed! Traffic is directed to a very narrow ravine canyon road that is prone to slides, drop offs, blind curves. A road we choose not to use because it is unsafe. Sadly, we get routed into this road and pray to live through the experience. If jumpers knew this, would they act differently or still choose this experience for us? We are unkind in our thoughts as our lives swing in pendulum with yours and we didn't do anything to you. Please, think before you act! My kid has to drive that detour and it scares me for him. Also, he does not need to witness your act. Now, you have a different perspective.

  • No I don't think suicide is a selfish act

    If someone is not happy, and nothing can make them happy, then why should they be forced to suffer in their unhappiness? Yes some people around them might be sad, but in a way they are to blame in themselves for not ensuring the person was happy in the end, because if they had, the person wouldn't have wanted to die in the first place. So no I don't think suicide is a selfish act, it's a cry for help from a broken soul that can't handle anymore pain more than anything.

  • A Matter of Choice

    If the argument for suicide being selfish is based on how it negatively impacts others: You are basically saying that the needs of the many out way the needs of the few, that the individual person having these depressing feelings at all is selfish because of its effect on other people. If this is the case then; you declining my marriage proposal is selfish because me and my friends want you to marry me; or deciding to quite at a job is selfish because the boss and other employees will be lost without you; or not having sex with that gang is selfish because it will leave them frustrated.
    If you are saying that suicide is selfish because of how it affects others you are saying that people don't have a right to choose anything, any choice you make will have a negative outcome for someone. Living is a choice, no matter the severity or permanence of the other option, and it is a choice only the individual can make.

  • You don't understand unless you've been there.

    I would bet on anything that everyone who says it's selfish has never been there, really I would prefer it if you kept saying its selfish than understand because you can't unless you've been there. I have had depression and it has gotten to points where I have seriously thought about killing myself. I've never actually attempted but it has gotten close. The main thing that has stopped me is because of the pain I know it will cause my friends and family. That was the ONLY thing that stopped me, nothing to do with what I have to live for or how I would get better. Also I contemplated how I'd kill myself at my worst, the reason I decided against pills or something that I would most likely do in my bedroom or bathroom is that it would be someone I cared about that found me, the reason I didn't want to step in front of a train is because I didn't want the train driver (a total stranger) to have to live with that. Personally I didn't want to die but living just got to difficult, it gets to the point where you drag yourself out of bed which feels like you've run a marathon and then put up a smile for the world just waiting for the moment when you can collapse in your bed and let everything out. It comes to the point where you need an escape and suicide is the only way to get that. A few years ago I might have said it was selfish or at the very least not understood but after being there I've realised that it's anything but.

  • I have Major Depression and extreme suicidal thoughts

    I have since I was 16 and am 20 now. It sucks. There are many reasons for people killing themselves. My depression has destroyed me on the inside I haven't got a life that I should have. I wish that god could wipe me from existence because I am that one piece of creation that should ever have happened. I'm a joke. Everyone in this debate is right it is both selfish and not selfish at the same time. I know that the damage I would do to my family, people who were my friends and even just people who I have met in my life would be huge if I followed through the act but at the same my depression doesn't stop. It doesn't allow me to live my life because it has stripped away everything that I had inside me that allows me to live as a fully functional human being. I don't have a future in this world anymore. I did beat depression and was free for a whole year. Its now back and I don't have the strength to fight anymore.

  • Actually , unselfish

    For many people considering suicide , their mental illness makes them believe that the world would really be better off without them , that they are a burden on others , and worthless to the world. When someone feels that low.. How on earth can this be seen as selfish?

  • It is a person's own life and his or her own choice.

    It's their life. Their choice. Their demons they have to cope with everyday; not anyone else's. I think it's selfish for someone to force a suffering soul to live. I think it takes a lot of strength to go through with suicide; and the people that do shouldn't be looked down upon; and people that have suicidal thoughts shouldn't be considered selfish... Just by calling them selfish, and telling them their feelings are selfish just reinforces their ideas and feeling of self-hate.

    To be honest, i believe the people that expect someone who has long suffered--and no longer wants to live--to live and suck it up, is the epitome of selfish.

  • People trying to Stop People from Committing Suicide is Selfish.

    Emotional pain is just a traumatic and painful as actual injuries and diseases. I hate when people say if you kill your self you are selfish. I think people who stop people from committing suicide are selfish from allowing a sufferer to endure more pain and suffer more. Quite Frankly I am quite pissed at society for giving pets and people on death row more rights then Citizens. I see no success in my life and i am prepared to go to hell cause god hates me and I hate god but I wish i can walk into a Dr office and go to sleep I want the same right my dog has. I also find it funny how you are selfless when you end a dogs suffering but you are selfish when you want to achieve the same results with your self.

  • By Definition Yes, but it is understandable

    Suicide is selfish because you are doing the ultimate individualist act, being killed yourself for your gain, this is contrasted with the ultimate collectivist act, being killed yourself for everyone's gain. But suicide can be understandable because multiple reasons, genetic disorder, incurable pain, overall dissatisfaction of life for prolonged periods (at least 1 year)

  • You think suicide is selfish...

    Even though, you may NOT want someone to leave that doesn't mean they should stay. You say they haven't even tried, but in reality no one thinks about ending their life the first time something goes wrong. Most of the time they are sick of their life, and just can't get away when it is needed. Also many would disagree with me, and that's fine, but everyone is in titled to their opinion. Many have said it gets better, but when you're not in the best situation. Physically (abuse), or mentally (depression, or other mental illnesses) you can not see that. Sometimes things never get better until you leave though. Suicide may be a selfish act, because people will miss you, because they love you, but if they really loved you they would want you to be happy. Not in pain. Also a lot of people who have suicidal tendencies hide them well, so you won't be able to tell very well, unless you know that person more then the back of your hand. Before you kill yourself though talk to someone, I know you don't want to. I am not encouraging it, the marks that suicide attempts leave are a pain in the ass, and hurt the people you love. You may think that when you leave you are helping everyone around you though. When someone is depressed they have trouble being happy, and that might be because of their living situation, and there isn't much you can do about that... So suicide is not a selfish act, but an act in order to end the pain, or to say, "You never noticed me before. I doubt you'll notice me now." That is my answer, and shot me if you need to, but remember everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I am NOT encouraging you. I just believe that if you are having someone say you're selfish because you don't want to go through the pain.. Try to get away first though.. Good luck in your battlesthough.

  • If I have chose, it's probably a little more selfish, but not very much

    If you commit suicide, you're leaving your friends and family alone, and setting them up to become depressed as well. That's kind of selfish. However the question comes up, what if you're killing yourself because of your family? Because they hate you and want you to die? In that case, it's the opposite of selfish-you're doing what other people want despite the harm that it causes you (not that it's a good idea to commit suicide even if your family hates you)
    Or maybe you committed suicide because well, like Rosemary in the Giver (basically, the world is screwed up, but I'm going to kill myself instead of fixing it) I understand very well that it can seem much easy to kill yourself than to deal with the reality and change it, but committing suicide instead of helping the world is fairly selfish. You could have helped others, and instead you killed yourself.
    Suicide is not really something I would consider selfish or unselfish, it's just a tragedy that we must work together to avoid.

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The_bogan says2017-04-13T12:57:40.130
Do you ever think that maybe it's selfish that you want someone to continue living, even if they are in complete and utter despair and pain, just so you aren't sad? Basically you are valuing your own happiness over theirs.