• You should endure the pain you go through to save others from it.

    Killing yourself is selfish in any way you think about it. It hurts people who care about you, and you killing yourself will cause such emotional grief to them that it should be enough to sway one from suicide.
    You stick it out if you're going through bad times so that the people who would grieve you wont go through that pain.

  • Suicide is selfish

    They are so absorbed in the bad of their own lives. They don't think about the other people in their lives. Like the parents who gave them life. They don't take the fact that there will be people who mourn and feel sorrow because of their suicide. There is more lives hurt by them taking their own life.

  • The pain inflicted on others is worse than the pain person was experiencing

    I have experienced suicide first hand and words can not even begin to explain the deep hurt and anger I feel. The worst part is that this anger and pain is never going to leave because I am never going to know why the person did it. Yes, I believe something was psychologically wrong but help was on its way! Things will and can get better! Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem that leaves those closest to them wondering what they could have done differently, how they could have helped, why didn't they provide more help or do something sooner? Its selfish because the person who committed the act is free of pain but the people they love are left with a suffering that can't be understood unless experienced firsthand.

  • By definition, suicide is selfish

    Selfish- lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure:

    The person committing suicide is concerned only with ending his/her own suffering, which is an obvious profit, hence a selfish act.

    The person committing suicide is also not concerned about other people's well being, for example their family and friends who will receive serious psychological damage sometimes even permanently.

    The only exception to this is doing something suicidal to save another life, as rightfully pointed out by one of the voters.
    But by and large, suicide is selfish.

  • Sorry, people; but yes it is

    I believe suicide is the most selfish act someone can commit in most cases. (Unless the person gives his life to save another.) The suicidal person is not considering all the good he can do in the world and for himself. To just end it all is ultimately a cop-out from life for someone who doesn't know how to deal with it. No wonder so many teenagers commit suicide, they think they have it so bad they want to kill themselves, but they don't realize adolescence is only the beginning of life's problems. I've had multiple problems and tragedies throughout my life but I persevered and got through it, and suicide never entered my mind ONCE. To get through them requires a perseverance and ability to see all the good in being alive. There is no justification whatsoever to just cop out on life.

  • Suicide is selfish, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is always unjustified.

    A selfish act is one in which the person only thinks of himself/herself, and does not worry about others. Although I believe suicide does fit this criteria, I cannot imagine what those that commit suicide were going through. It is a last resort for those that feel completely helpless against the onslaught of daily struggles that people face in life. Some people have much worse luck than others, and in some cases, the thought that things will never get better may actually be realistic. It is selfish, because it is an act that is solely for the individual, and does not worry about the consequences on the family and friends. But to be in such a situation where everything seems hopeless must also be terrible, and I cannot condemn those that chose to end their lives.

  • No matter how you look at it... Yes it is.

    The concept of selfishness if enhancing ones own personal interest without the proper consideration or concern for others. If a person commits suicide, their family is (normally) very saddened by this and their friends always are. Suicide is extremely traumatic for those who are left behind and can cause a lot more pain than that of a "natural" for death for those people have to live with the fact that that person despised life so much, that they wanted to die.

    I'm not condemning suicide, but there is no way that you can deny that it is not a selfish act. It is done purely in the interests (of ending suffering) for one person. If that person was to act selflessly, they would not inflict the incredible pain of loss upon their friends and family.

    Of course there are situations when suicide is not selfish. Such as ending your life due to terminal illness and the likes of euthanasia and assisted suicide. But that really is different territory. Unless those who you know support the ending of you life (due to terminal illness and such), suicide is a selfish act.

  • Yes, But also no

    Suicide is beyond complicated. People who are suicidal feel a complete new level of pain, A pain where you would be willing to end your suffering in spite of the way it could cause people to suffer. Forcing someone to stay alive is bad, But when you commit suicide, You’re really just giving that pain to someone else. It’s the only (seemingly) way out. But what people need to understand is that if you were suicidal, And you felt like you were unimportant, Useless and in constant pain, You would feel like you wouldn’t hurt anyone if you ended it all.
    Suicide is selfish, But also not. You just have to look at it from someone else’s perspective, Put yourself in their shoes and truly understand what it would take to make someone even consider it.

  • TheyGiveUp - TheyDon’tTrulyFightIt. If they had, They would still be here. They just decide to take their life when it gets rough-that’s not right.

    By definition, Suicide is selfish. They don’t think about the ways ending their life will affect others. Some of them don’t even want to get help, Even though their family knows what’s going on & want to help. They just choose to give up. & as someone who’s depressed (mom-suicidal bc I’m not selfish or stupid), I can say that depression is never a reason to end your life - it’s being majorly selfish because you don’t want to face your problems. You instead want to run away by taking your own life.

  • My best friend killed himself and part of me died with him

    Of course it is sad that somebody can feel so low, That they feel like suicide is the best way to go about things. But for the people left behind, I can't begin to describe how it feels. You have to go around every day questioning if you could have done more, Getting upset with yourself for not noticing the signs. And the only person who could put your mind at ease isn't here to do it. You feel like it's your fault, You overthink years of interactions with said person.
    And of course it is aweful for whoever has the misfortune of finding their body. My other mate was traumatised by finding him and still has frequent flashbacks.
    Suicide causes life long pain and confusion for those left behind, A million thoughts racing round your head saying that "it's your fault, You didn't do enough, You didn't listen, You're a horrible person and people would be better off withour your nastiness" it's ironic really

  • Just give them a reason to live.

    If someone commits suicide, I can promise there is a reason why. They felt abandoned or everything they felt was too hard to handle. Maybe they were tormented. What is selfish is too allow someone to feel the need to off themselves, not considering all of what could happen. A suicidal person feels that they are burdening the world, and I'm not trying to glamorize suicide, but most think they are doing the world a favor.

    Posted by: TazM
  • Its more selfish to say its selfish

    Its more selfish for the person to want the suicidal person to stay in the world, for their own needs. Suicide is not selfish in many ways. Its an act of a depressed mood and a desperate act. You cant think straight. Im sure your not thinking of yourself. I honestly think its their choice and their life and we have control over our lives, and we choose what we do with our life. Isn't it selfish to want someone to stay on the planet just so we can be happy, and leave the person in pain. Suicide is not selfish because your experiencing a whole lot of pain, and maybe you got all the help you can get and nothing happened. Its mire selfish to say its selfish, cause you want them to stay on the planet for YOUR own needs

  • It is not

    Many may disagree but suicide is not selfish. The reasoning behind this is that if one is to come to a point where they feel like they have nothing to live for and want to commit suicide everyone around that person is to blame. No one around this person has put in an effort to care about this person while the are/were alive so they do not get to say it is a selfish act and care, or pretend like it anyway, when they do commit suicide

  • I don't think it is.

    To say it is selfish seems to imply that we have a fundamental duty to prioritize the needs of others as our ultimate reason for existence. A person who wants to commit suicide ultimately sees no reason to continue living (or at least that the reasons to continue do not outweigh the reasons to not continue) so to stay alive for the sake of others necessarily means that your life is only important or primarily important because of what you owe to other people which is a concept I'm not sure I can accept.

  • It's a release for them

    Some people's suffering from living, They hate them just like they hate their life, They feel painful and hurt. They're not selfish, Some people didn't even care themself, They don't have friends and no one's listening to them, They feel lonely and sad. So they just fell down. My grammar's bad. Sorry :((

  • The Illogical Illness

    Suicide is the end-all for people. They truly believe that no one cares or that they would be better off without them. They don't want to believe it many people, Including myself have tried so hard to fight back and say that people do care about them. However, The larger portion of our mind is screaming at us that they don't care and the people suffering tend to pull away. Some people don't realize what's happening at this point and others do and they start to worry.
    Our head uses that against us and says "look, See the people to your left? They don't care. They haven't noticed that you're dying inside. They won't miss you. See the people on your right? They're worried about you and they're scared. Look at how you've made them feel. Look at how because of you they don't smile as much. You caused them to feel bad. They won't care, Once you're gone they will be happier. Look at the people around you and see how they just don't care about you. "
    It really sucks because by that point it all spirals. You pull away more, More people start to worry, So you pull away more because you think that that will make them happy and it just continues until you really think that death is the only way out.
    Sometimes there really isn't a full reason, Your head is in a daze and you're not even thinking and it just happens. Sometimes you can think but the voices in your head are screaming that it's time to let go. It's not selfish

  • It can be, But not always

    I understand that in the Bible is says that suicide is selfish. But people who think that are most likely not suicidal. I know where they are coming from when they say leaving their loved ones is selfish because it is. However, That is not always the case, In fact many suicidal people including me believe are loved ones would be better off without us. This is because suicide lies. Another argument would be that you need to trust God, But that does not just take it away. Many Christians will commit suicide and will according to the Bible go to hell. I think if you commit suicide you don’t want to die Satan is just telling you you are worthless. In general I also think suicide is a sin, But calling someone selfish is also a sin, And if you trust the Lord he will forgive you of suicide and you will not go to hell.

  • Suicide is bad, But the person isn't

    When a person commits or attempts suicide, They are still afraid of death. They still want to live. But that doesn't seem to be an option at that point. And that is not they're fault. Mental health illnesses make people feel so much pain that that pain is far more overwhelming than they're fear of death. At that point, It is difficult to think straight. Imagine your mind being a clouded mess, Making you incapable to focus on what you are thinking and whether or not it is logical. At the same time there is an overwhelming pressure compressing your body and the thought of ending your life to make it stop crosses your mind. In the midst of the chaos, You may take the reckless decision to end your life. They happened to be in the unfortunate situation where they happened to be feeling terrible, There was an opportunity to end their lives and there was no one around to stop them. If they could somehow ease the pain and get the chance to clear their head a little and think, They probably would have opted to stay alive a while longer.

  • Those who say it is selfish are only thinking of themselves.

    From what I gather, Most people who are suicidal believe they would be doing their loved ones a favor. Perhaps the individuals expecting others to live in misery are the selfish ones. IMHO, Asking someone else to suffer through every minute of every day to spare yourself grief is what’s selfish.

  • Suicide is not selfish

    Suicide is not selfish. It just means that the victim couldn’t handle being alone, Couldn’t handle not having anyone care about them. The ones who should be ashamed are the victim’s so called “family”/ spouse who didn’t take the time to value them as a human being. The victim is free of responsibility. People don’t just commit suicide because of just causes

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