• Suicide is selfish and ungrateful act

    No one's life is all sunshine and rainbows. Yet, 7 billion population lives on. If everyone who is starving in least developed countries, low-paid workers in developing nations, and pretty much 75% of the world committed suicide, what would happen? Is that justified? No. There are people who have even worse lives than you, and yet they live on. People who commit suicide are basically saying, "I don't want the responsibility that everyone else is taking on." Also, life is a gift onto a human being. Life is an opportunity that God has granted, and to throw it away is incredibly ungrateful. There are people dying every day, ones who want the years that some people who commit suicide throw away. Therefore, people who say that their life is over is extremely self-centered and ungrateful toward their creator.

  • It is a sin

    It is a sin. This is because one of the Ten Commandments states, "Thou shalt not kill." This means not only not harming another person this way, but also doing so to oneself. Is ome cultures perhaps suicide is not a sin, but in Christianity and Judaism it is. Those are the rules for the majority of the people in the USA.

  • Says so in the Bible

    There's really nothing to argue about here in my eyes. The Bible clearly states that it is a sin, so this is a stupid question in my opinion. That's like all these gay supporters saying oh who's talked to god personally. Well the religion is based off the Bible and if it says in the book itself well then yes it is a sin whether you thinks it is or not.

  • Only in a reality where God exists is suicide a sin.

    When God exists, it means that every life counts. It also means that every person has a purpose in life. What is interesting is when someone is mentally sick. That person does not have a clear mind, and therefore can't be help responsible for their actions. Otherwise, it's a sin.

  • The bible says it is.

    The bible very much frowns upon suicide. This doesn't mean that people who kill themselves are actually bad people. It just means that the bible, a book that condones rapists and slave owners, says that it makes them bad people. It is definitely a sin, based upon the book that dictates what is and is not a sin, but that shouldn't matter.

  • According to the Christian Bible suicide is a grave sin equivalent to murder.

    The question of suicide being a sin a religious matter. For the majority of Christians suicide is a major considered to be on the same level as murder. However with God's grace suicide can be forgiven the same as any other sin! Scripture does clearly say that those redeemed by God have been forgiven for ALL their sins--past, present, and future.

  • Not a theist, but think about it

    If you believe in an afterlife, then by committing suicide you are essentially reducing the amount of time for you to reach eternal paradise. In other words, CHEATING. You have to play a game out fully before it's over, regardless if your position is more or less unfair then the other players in the game.

  • It depends. Pay attention.

    Everyday we acknowledge that people die of diseases from the body. Some of those diseases are self inflicted, like Heart Disease for example. We die from a lot of bodily diseases because we don't take care of our body. Is God going to send us to hell for that? No.

    When will people understand that there are diseases of the mind? Some people are so mentally sick that they can't keep going on, they just aren't sane enough to understand what they're doing when they're about to kill themselves.

    Depression, for example can make you feel so sick and exhausted that you're hardly aware of what's going on outside of your own thoughts. I'm almost certain that someone who died of such intense sadness and relentless bullying that they just end up committing suicide will awake in Heaven in Jesus's arms. Being gently consoled by the Lamb of God.

    However, if somebody just pulls the trigger on themselves for no reason other than for kicks then of course they'll go to Hell. Suicide is never an option, and shouldn't even be contemplated. No matter what you think, things will get better.

  • God is forgiving

    If God does not forgive those who commit suicide, he is not a God worth worshiping. Hundreds of war veterans commit suicide each day due to PTSD are you really going to stare their family in the eye and say he went to hell and deserved it? Have you been to war and seen your friends die right in front of you? The bible was written by man. Man has free will. Therefore the bible is not a direct word of God.

  • Suicide is a tragedy, not a sin.

    When someone commits suicide it is definitely a tragedy, but I don't believe it is a sin. Many people who commit suicide, most likely the majority, are mentally ill. They are not in a frame of mind at that moment to fully understand what they are doing, all that they are giving up, all the pain they will cause. They simply want, in that moment, for the pain to end. Surely God understands this if humans can.

  • Is suicide a sin from the perspective of the Bible? No.

    According to many Christian faiths suicide is a sin, stemming from the ten commandments of thou shalt not kill. In the 5th century, St. Augustine wrote the book The City of God, making Christianity's first condemnation of suicide. He used the ten commandments as justification for his statement. But notice this happened in the 5th century. The Jewish Law, in which the ten commandments are part of, sometimes allows suicide if it prevents other cardinal sins.

    You have to be careful using the Bible as a point of reference on issues that are not clearly stated. Thou shalt not kill does not actually say, thou shalt not kill thyself. When using the Bible references need to be made that clearly state what is being meant. Again with St Augustine he sees the lack of "to thy neighbor" as meaning also killing yourself. But on this regard stealing should also mean that one should not steal from thyself. This does not make much sense.

    The Orthodox Church itself permits suicide if one has mental illness or has extreme emotional stress. How can picking and choosing whose in the right and wrong of taking their life be determined by mere humans, if God of the Bible is supposedly so against it? One most read and not just go off of what others interpret how things should have been written and understood as.

  • Sin does not exist

    Sin is a man made expression of what religion deems "wrong". It's a word meant to keep people in line in a church environment. Yes people commit suicide, and yes, it might be led by selfishness. However, that has nothing to do with sin. Take into consideration someone's personal emotions. Someone who feels that they have no other way out, or that they simply can't pick themselves back up it's a strong and sickening emotion that I myself have felt before. Religion needs to keep it's nose out of issues like suicide and stop give a name or label to how people live their lives or their choices.

  • We never asked to be here.

    That being said we shouldnt be obligated to stay here if we are suffering. If god was all powerful then he could have created us in a way that we wouldnt have to feel pain when we dont want to and its not helpful so we wouldnt just suffer from an extremely flawed nervous system. Its flawed in the worse way it can be. Where it allows us to feel great and lengthy pain. God would have to be sick to make us the way we are.

  • No, it is one way to freedom.

    "Can you no longer see the road to freedom? It's right in front of you. You need only turn over your wrists." - Seneca

    “In place of the clear and rigid ancient law, You [oh Lord] made man decide about good and evil for himself, with no other guidance than Your example. But did it never occur to You that man would disregard Your example, even question it, as well as Your truth, when he was subjected to so fearful a burden as freedom of choice?”
    ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

  • We should choose whether to live.

    We don't choose whether or not we are born, so we should be able to choose whether or not we die. Surely if you hate your life, you shouldn't be forced to keep living it. Besides, it is your life, and you are ultimately the only person who should have a say in whether or not you end it.

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