• Of course, but...

    I don't see suicide as a disrespectful action against others because it's an assumption made by loved ones who don't understand why it was committed. Even if it's seem that way, it is not intended.
    Yes, suicide is selfish because the motive is to end one's own suffering without considering the people who care; however, it's selfish for those loved ones to believe that one person should live through the suffering from their sake. Why should one's own life belong to others?
    When someone want to commit suicide, it's not selfish to him or her at all, but of course, the people who are left behind don't feel the same way.

  • Yes, always

    When you make the choice to end your life, you are disrespecting all of those who care about you and essentially are stealing from them. Your family and friends are investors in your life, they depend on you for certain things. To end your life destroys the financial investment your parents put into you to succeed; they will now never get any of that money or time back in any way. Also, it deprives your loved ones of a confidant, fun they would've had with you, and any time and money they have also spent on you.

  • How is it not selfish?

    People who commit suicide are making the assumption that their current suffering is far greater (or at least more important) than any suffering others might undergo as a result of their death. They may feel that they are alone in the world, but I don't think they can trick themselves into thinking that no one would be affected by their loss. Even when people whom I don't know die, I get a little sad. In addition, life can improve. Those going through extreme depression have the chance to form close bonds with others and help others by sharing their experiences. They have a chance to savor life even more because of how much they suffer emotionally. Life can get better for these people, but it's hard for other suicidally-inclined people to believe this when those to whom they relate keep killing themselves instead of working through it together.

  • He who kills a man kills a man, he who kills himself kills the whole world

    To kill yourself is to say there is absolutely nothing in this world worth living for. To (once again) paraphrase Chesterton, every leaf should fall from a tree in protest whenever a man decides to insult it by hanging from one of its branches. Your problems are never so great that the contemplation of an entire universe is not of enough value to massively outweigh them.

  • Yes it simply is

    I do sympathize with those going through the emotions that lead to suicide, but this does not give them the right to break the hearts of those who care for them and have loved and supported them. The act of suicide takes away ones chance at experiencing life, Life is amazing, whether we want it or not, as it allows us to taste feel and see, it gives us more than most would ever experience(like those who die young, or simply the sperms who didn't make it), it gives us the ability to be "alive" and the tools to make ourselves enjoy what little time we have on this green earth of ours. To try and deprive yourself of those chances is a crime unto itself. Furthermore, when you take your life, you end yours, and leave peacefully, while leaving the rest behind to deal with the consequences of what you have done. It is not fair to put those you supposedly love through the torture of thinking they could have done something to ave yourself. It also robs you of the love they could have given you. BUT I do think everyone is entitled to choose, and although I do not think it right, I do not blame them. But it is a selfish act nonetheless

  • Suicide is bad

    Suicide is always bad and the catholic church support this opinion as it is stated in the 10 commandments,"thou shalt not kill."
    therefore suicide is bad and no one should commit it as there is always someone to help you through what ever you are going through,
    Get Done M8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • God does not give you problems you can't handle.

    (to Suicidal People w/ no Mental Issues) How could it not be selfish thinking you have the worst problem in the world and there is no solution for that? Well you are too shallow of a being. Think about the people who spend hundreds, thousands, or even millions on medicines and treatment just to be alive and well. Here comes you trying to lose your life in a blink of an eye and thinking you don't want to suffer anymore is not a selfish act? I suggest, PRAY.

  • God does not give you problems you can't handle.

    (to Suicidal People w/ no Mental Issues) How could it not be selfish thinking you have the worst problem in the world and there is no solution for that? Well you are too shallow of a being. Think about the people who spend hundreds, thousands, or even millions on medicines and treatment just to be alive and well. Here comes you trying to lose your life in a blink of an eye and thinking you don't want to suffer anymore is not a selfish act? I suggest, PRAY.

  • Yes because it is cowardly and doesn't account for loved ones.

    Everyone around the person who committed suicide will be affected by the death and will never have closure because no letter can ever be long enough to explain everything, suicide is cowardly and shameful because it is so selfish not caring at all for parents, friends, etc. And how massively they will be affected

  • Easy way out

    Those who commit suicide not only lack the desire to push through their struggles but also lack the respect for every person who ever has or would have ever known. It is completely 100 percent disrespectful, not only to family and friends but also to whatever higher power decided that you should exist. People who kill themselves don't try hard enough to live, and maybe we're all better off for it. If you aren't going to fight for yourself, why should anyone else fight for you?

  • Suicide is not selfish

    I have personal attempted suicide multiple times and to tell me I'm selfish, well that's down right ignorant. 90% of people who commit suicide have a mental disorder and probably weren't even thinking on their on terms. Along with most people who have thoughts of suicide feel there is no one who cares for them and or will miss them, so they are not purposely trying to hurt anyone.

  • No, not at all

    I believe it is someones choice. Say they are tired and too tired of how things are. And the pressure of the world. I believe myself that id like to die at my high point of life. Once it start going down hill i don't want to see the rest of what lays ahead. Its a matter of opinion. Its someones life they should chose how it goes not others

  • No it is not selfish

    Because to do so you would have to be suffering SO much and it would be an unbearable pain. If you wanted to commit suicide you would have to truly be suffering from depression or something. I myself am very suicidale. I am better then i used to be although I'm still pretty bad. Also if one wanted to commit suicide they can't help it. It would be selfish to stop somebody from suicide and let them keep suffering. Also the ones that think it is selfish just have NO idea what its like to suffer, to TRULY suffer. Like i honestly think the world would be SO much better without me. I don't think anybody would give a damn if i was alive or dead. And i hate myself so much, it really breaks my heart because i have caused so much pain. You have to look at both point of views though coming from my point of view, the pain need stops.

  • I don't suicide is selfish.

    I see myself as a rather selfish person and I don't think people who commit suicide are selfish. In my opinion, being selfish means that you value yourself more than other people. Being selfish actually may avoid suicide, because if you value yourself more you won't really give a damn about how bad other people treat you. You'll prefer to curse others rather than killing yourself.

  • Not at all,

    Until you've gone through what the person who is considering suicide has gone through, you have no right to say it's selfish. Selfishness would be taking someone else's life for your own benefit. Being suicidal, you think that killing yourself would be doing a favor for everyone else and yourself so in a suicidal persons head it's very selfless. You're completely wrong if you think it is, because obviously you haven't experienced what others have and what they've gone through to push them to the point where they would rather be dead.

  • Not at all

    Its simply a fair choice to stop feeling the burdens of life, the way people treat you, how could it be selfish if your family wouldn't care or would even condone it? Its your right to make this decision, although i admit its not always the best decision to make because of a break up, or getting bullied, but when everyone knows your a freak, when there really is no future for you, well then in that case, feel good that your about to not have to go through this anymore, you can be free

  • People who say killing yourself is selfish

    Don't understand the pain. For someone to expect someone to stay with pain and bad thoughts is selfish on their part. If someone wants to commit suicide it is their own choice, and they do not owe anything to anyone. Of course there are other options but you have maybe not been through what they have.

  • It's extremely hurtful for those who stay behind, but not selfish in my opinion.

    I can personally say that it is very insulting to state that suicide is a selfish act. If you have never experienced thinking about suicide 24/7 yourself and if you've never been that depressed or scared or had a severe mental illness, I honestly think that you just can't understand at all. And to judge suicidal people like that...I hear people call it selfish all the time and it makes me so angry and frustrated, but I don't even want the people who think suicide is selfish to walk a day in a suicidal person's shoes. You just don't understand, it's as simple as that.

    Don't you think people who are depressed are feeling guilty about thinking the way they do? I feel so much guilt for not being able to look more happy for my parents and for thinking about hurting them by ending my life. And the guilt we feel if people call it selfish...I understand that it might be considered selfish if for example someone were to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train in front of so many people. There's always gonna be someone finding your lifeless body, but to make it so gruesome and public is quite selfish to me. You have to keep in mind that having a severe mental illness makes you think a lot less clear. You think you're a burden to everyone around you, that your loss will eventually be beneficial to those close to you. I understand if those who are left behind are frustrated when they never saw it coming and have no idea why you did it, but if you have tried everything (seeing doctors, therapists, using every kind of medication there is on the market, letting your family and friends (if you even have any when you're so severely depressed) try to help you and talking to them) and you don't feel the slightest change, then I think it's more a well thought out final "solution" for yourself rather than an impulsive, long term solution to a short term problem.

    It is incredibly selfish for people to say that you cannot commit suicide because you "owe it" to those around you to "try harder" when you have no energy and will-power left. That would be the same thing as telling them that, no matter how much pain and suffering you're going through and no matter how long you've been struggling with the emotional pain, no matter how long you've been crippled by suicidal thoughts, you are obligated to stay here for OUR sake cause then WE would feel sad. How selfish is that? I could rant about this subject for hours, but I doubt that this long text looks appealing to read, so I'll leave it at that.

  • No, hell no.

    Some people have a lot of problems, if they think suicide is right for them, they should have the choice to do it. Suicide is a choice. Only one person can choose to commit suicide. Anyone can tell them things in order to help change their mind, but in the end, it is only the choice of the one individual. If they think it is the only option, or only choice let that they have, so be it.

  • Suicide is NOT selfish

    People constantly claim that committing suicide is "the most selfish thing you can do". The people who make this claim have no idea or understanding of what severe depression is like. Depression is not "feeling blue" or "being sad". It is a painful numbness (while that may sound like an oxymoron it is not) that permeates every fiber of your being every day. Many people who commit suicide, do it only after fighting the urge to end their pain FOR YEARS, for the simple reason of not wanting to hurt their loved ones. The true selfishness comes from the friends and family that refuse to try to understand the pain and horror of severe and chronic depression. Many of these same people believe that someone with a debilitating physical illness has right to die, and yet not someone with a mental illness. For an excellent well known example of this, look into the life of one the greatest writers of the past 100 years, David Foster Wallace.

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Anonymous says2013-03-14T01:38:30.480
Wow, heated debate. 50/50! Personally, I am "Yes".